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May 8, 2008 01:44 PM

Thoughts on L'Ecole for a nice dinner?

with a group of 10 without breaking the piggy bank? The other (mostly good but some mixed) reviews here are pretty dated. Thanks.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Thanks. You didn't seem to like it, if I read correctly. Would you chance it with family from out of town? Would earlier rather than later sitting help matters?

      1. re: betterthanto

        I didn't like it at all--one of my worse experiences in the city, so I can't recommend it. I went to the later seating. I think the earlier one is the one that the teachers are involved in preparing? If so, it could be better, but I wouldn't go back to L'Ecole myself.

    2. I would reccomend it. 40 bucks for 5 courses plus extras with an extensive affordable wine list - you won't find that very often in NYC. The tables are spaced apart, you won't be rushed, and it isn't a loud room so your family can talk.

      It isn't Jean Georges and don't expect it to be, but it is much better than many places in NYC where you will pay much more for a much lesser experience.

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      1. re: jmax

        I haven't been for a couple of years but I've eaten there a fair amount over the past 15 years - as a matter of "value," I wholeheartedly agree, and also that you can easily get much worse food/service for the same or more money. But it's not a place to go if you expect all the i's to be dotted and t's crossed either with the food or service. And service can be variable. Never bad, in my experience, but often not fabulous. Beware asking random servers for wine recs especially, IMNSHO Whether all that works for a particular group depends....

      2. I went about a month ago with a party of 6, we all thought it was a really good meal and a GREAT value. I would recommend it.