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May 8, 2008 01:36 PM

Indian restaurants near Symphony Space?

Any good ones between 79th and 110th?

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  1. Indus Valley on Broadway at 100th is terrific- far better than most Manhattan Indian places.

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    1. re: Ann900

      I agree with the Indus Valley rec. Very good food. And I was surprised that I liked the wine I had too (usually I just stick to Indian beer).

      If you need something closer, a new Indian place opened on 94th St. between Bway and Amsterdam, but I haven't been there yet and so cannot comment on the food.

      1. re: LNG212

        definitely Indus Valley. I go to school at Columbia and live in the 80's and there is not much good indian in between, except for indus valley

        1. re: sara1213

          i'm chime in for Indus Valley too...only went there once and it was surprisingly good, maybe the only non-taxi-stand Indian food that i've liked in NY

          1. re: Simon

            been there about 5x and everytime i love it. its clean, staff is polite, always busy, and the food is great.