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May 8, 2008 01:12 PM

Bachelor party ideas? Steak and cheap drinks

I am looking for a place with a decent steak and cheap drinks for my friend's bachelor party. Appreciate any ideas around Boston. We are a frugal bunch so can't really splurge, even though this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing...

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  1. Check out website of Franks Steak House in Cambridge, it's been around forever, much less expensive and casual than the steak houses in Boston, not as high quality but people seem to enjoy it.

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    1. re: bakerboyz

      The price is very reasonable in comparison to some of the big-name places. Thanks! Do you happen to know if they have private rooms?

    2. Frank's Steakhouse in North Cambridge

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      1. re: phonelady

        2nd Franks, I like that the booth seats are so beat up, creates some fun when you sit.

      2. We did a bach party at Fleming's last year. Steak's decent, Coors Light is Coors Light. They were very accomodating and provided the private room. We had a large group all with different size wallets and while I can't remember what the exact price was everyone ended up happy wih the food and the cost.

        1. Also consider the Stockyard - the massive bar makes it seem swankier than Frank's and, to my mind, they cook a better steak. (At least the couple of times I've been to Frank's, I was disappointed, in relation to the Stockyard.) The Sports Depot is just a short drive away for more large-scale drinks, plus all the meet-markets on Brighton Ave., etc.

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            Hmm the website seems impressive and accomodating to special occasion large parties. I will have to go do a test run first. Thanks!

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              Stockyard is much better choice than Frank's. Frank's is an old-timer place, hardly the kind of place to have a bachelor party dinner. At least the Stockyard has a big bar with TV's and lots of bars close by if some of you want to continue.

              1. re: purslane

                We had a going away party at the Stockyard for about 15 of us and they stuck us in this dinky back room.
                The bar is much more fun but the food has always been eh in my mind.