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May 8, 2008 01:11 PM

CUT 432 - Delray Beach, FL

Cut 432 is a great new addition to Atlantic Ave. in Delray Beach. It is a sleek steakhouse with delicious food! The steak was tender with great flavor. The spaetzle appetizer is scrumptious and the truffled macaroni and cheese is amazing. This restaurant will be around for a long time.

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  1. arrived on a beautiful, breezy evening to join friends for dinner at this fairly new spot operated by the same duo who were in charge of vertical in boca raton. beautifully done menus and attentive service from the start. we began with cocktails, sapphire and tonics before a glass or two of an excellent amarone with our dinners. fresh bread was brought out immediately, although it was more like a breakfast muffin? starters included salmon carpaccio and white truffle gouda grilled cheese with tomato soup. the carpaccio was fresh and light while the grilled cheese was rich and flavorful, well done on both efforts. i enjoyed the simply grilled king salmon while my guests enjoyed the filet and bone-in ribeye. my salmon was perfectly cooked as was the filet (medium rare) but the ribeye was rare but tolerable for my other guests. my salmon came with a trio of tasty sauces served in a playful little dish . . . unfortunately there was no spoon provided to serve these sauces. an assistant brought out steak knives and reached across the face of one of one of my guests to place it in the correct position rather than simply take a step to the appropriate side. the side dishes were excellent; creamed corn, pancetta braised brussel sprouts and potato gratin. a shared dessert of peanut butter chocolate pie was full flavored and enough for four. one of the two owners, brandon, made an effort to say hello . . . he is just not a people person (i've met both before), while brian is clearly more refined and affable. while not perfect, the overall experience defines cut as the best of delray for both food and service.

    • attentive service
    • well prepared fresh selections

    • missing serving spoon
    • reaching in front of guests face to place silverware

    • none

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      Boy, you've been a busy diner lately.

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        LOL I'll second that comment! LOL

    2. We were at the art show and decided to try this place, first mistake. We we were seated and our orders were taken. A large party came in and we were forgotten. I ordered wild mushroom soup, I watched it sit under the heat lamp for ten minutes when the cook himself finally decided to bring it over. It was horrible, it tasted like progresso minestrone with a few mushrooms added at the end. The soup had no mushroom taste whatsoever. While I was having the soup I saw our food come up and be put under the heat lamps. After ten or fifteen minutes watching the waiter go by the food and the cook looking discouraged that the waiter did not take the food out I had had enough. I went to the manager who was rude and offered no apology for the lousy service. I paid 15.99 for a bowl of terrible soup a coke and an ice tea. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PlACE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Cut 432 A Modern Steakhouse
      432 East Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483

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        Well thanks for that helpful review, & I really mean that. Was just about to head out the door and see if I could grab a table but based on what you wrote above, forget it.

        So tell me: where can you get a decent steak that doesn't cost a fortune and/or doesn't force you to enter a stuffy, expense account-type place (a la Mortons)?

        Is the 5th Ave Grilll still any good?

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          FWIW they must be either crazy or doing something right, because they just knocked down a wall an doubled their size into the store next door.