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May 8, 2008 12:48 PM

Night of cooking w/my nieces and nephews

My 2 nieces and nephew, ages 11 to 14 will be having a slumber party at my house this Saturday night and I want to cook some fun things with them.

They've never made rice krispies treats, so we'll definitely make those.
anything else fun, creative and easy that we can all do together?

thanks for your input.

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  1. My first thought would be homemade mini pizzas with a variety of toppings, so that they can each personalize them a bit.

    1. Makign personal pizzas is always a good one. What about taco night. Not as much cooking, but they can make their own tacos.

      A fun dessert idea is candy sushi. You can use fruit rollups, swedish fish, marshmallows, donuts, any small candy like dots, chocolate chips, red hots. This could also be done as a snack with sliced ham, american & cream cheese, and you can use peppers and cucumbers to wrap everythign around. Make a roll and then cut into sushi sized pieces.

      While you have to be careful, a fondue night is fun too. Do cheese and veggies. Or chocolate

      Or do the gummi worms and dirt thing. I think they actually sell packets to make this easier.

      Kids that age can be picky eaters. Something simple like grilled cheeses, tacos, quesadillas, fancy salads, etc. Stuff that an adult might do on a night they didn't want to cook, is fun for kids.

      1. What a great idea. I think the individual pizzas sound really fun. That could involve making a simple bread dough. Or rolling out dough that you have made beforehand.

        Chicken soup would be another thought. My niece and nephew have made that with their grandma many times.

        Brownies might be fun. It makes me think about my first baking with my niece when she was about 8 or 9. I had a dozen eggs and the recipe called for maybe two or three. It was the first time she had ever cracked eggs and the majority of the eggs ended up on the floor. We did manage to get the needed ones into the bowl though. But what a great experience and memory. Just make sure you have plenty of eggs on hand!

        1. I just did the soda and cake mix for the first time, I was told at Weight Watchers about this to really cut down on the calories and fat (since you aren't adding oil, egg, etc.). Kids would get a kick out of that. Just take any cake mix, mix with a 12 oz can of soda - let them pick one (I used diet 7-up and butterscotch cake mix).

          Soooooo frigin light and fluffy. Delish.

          Do the kids have any favorite foods? Check with their mom and maybe coordinate a menu around each of their favorites.

          What a great time, enjoy!

          1. For mini pizzas use pita bread (I think that that's what "pan arabe" is in English).