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May 8, 2008 12:39 PM

Lunch on Saturday?

i am trying to organize a lunch on Saturday to celebrate a graduation. Looking not for super-fancy but good food, not stuffy, in central Philly. To give an idea of what I am looking for- I have tried mercato, osteria, amada, audrey claire, 20 manning and it cantuccio; however none of these restaurants are open for lunch. Any ideas? If not, is there a good deli near Rittenhouse Square -somewhere to buy some nice things for an upscale picnic in the Square?

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  1. DiBruno's at 18th and Chestnut is very close to the square for a picnic lunch

    1. You might want to call Positano Coast; I'm pretty sure they're open for lunch.

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        Positano Coast is 16 blocks from Rittenhouse Square.

        DiBruno Brothers at 18th and Walnut (one block from the square) has lots of takeout -- great cheeses, breads, etc. Overpriced (IMO), but if you choose judiciously you might make out all right. Sue's Produce on 18th near Sansom is great for -- well, produce. (Also nuts, dried fruit, yogurt.) Le Bus on 18th has wonderful breads, rolls, sweet baked goods, etc. And of course there's Reading Terminal Market -- a bit farther away, but certainly with everything you could want.

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          DiBruno's has pretty good takeout stuff. Alma de Cuba and Estia are open should the weather become less than cooperative.

      2. Piertro's, Rouge, Tria, Devon to name a few