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Drinks in downtown Seattle

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Looking for a fun place to grab a drink with a friend after work in downtown Seattle. We both work in the financial district, but can easily hop a bus or walk a few blocks. We used to go to Sazerac and are looking to expand our horizons.

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  1. Troiani on 3rd has nice happy hour specials on both apps and beverages.

    1. Depends on the kinds of drinks you want:
      Purple could be good for you

      For grabbing beers with friends I prefer Temple in Pioneer Square.

      Temple Billiards
      126 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA

      Purple Cafe & Wine Bar
      1225 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

      1. Taste at SAM has a pretty good happy hour.

        1. I used to go to Sazerac all the time, until they changed chairs. now we can never get a table. I really like Vessel at 5th by the theater. It seems a little cold, but really great drinks. for a farther walk, ZigZag Cafe on the HillClimb is great.

          right near Sazerac, we go to the W sometimes. Union Square Grill has a lively bar. I don't really like Purple for cocktails. Capital Grille was a waste, happy hour wise. I have friends that go to McCormicks on Fifth and to the Brooklyn frequently.

          1. ZigZag of course, but also check out the Elysian Fields.

            1. The bar at TASTE is a great after work spot. Usually not crowded, good cocktails and bar menu. Not a fan of the food but the cocktails at Vessel are really good.

              1. Brasa in Belltown has a great happy hour -- good cocktails, wine and small plates of food. The wait staff is friendly and efficient, no sitting around waiting to get a drink. Try the pizza with figs and serrano ham or the lamb burger from the bar menu. And the Capri martini.

                1. Like many have said, Vessel is the place to go downtown. They take great care with their cocktails and have an outstanding array of premium liquor. Capital Grille is a bit small and can get crowded, but like Vessel, their bartenders know what they are doing.

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                    just heard the sad news that head mixologist Jamie Boudreau is no longer at VEssel (as of 10 days ago, apparently http://spiritsandcocktails.wordpress.com , http://blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com... ) despite the fact that Vessel was just named by Esquire as one of the top bars in the US

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                      Thanks for the links barleywino.

                      I hope that Vessel can keep up the high level without Jamie.

                  2. Cafe Campagne in the market has a fun Happy Hour "..with the bar bitch" and its not too far from Sazerac.

                    1. Zig Zag Cafe is always my first choice and well worth the extra walk to get there. Still, a friend whose opinion I highly respect recently raved about Vessel (even with the change of bartenders) and Tulio Ristorante in the Hotel Vintage Park, on 5th between Spring and Seneca, has a nice little bar with a knowledgeable and talented staff.

                      1. Another option is to go to Place Pigalle in Pike Market and sit at the bar. I think the bartender's name is Syd and she makes a great drink and the mussels are so good there.

                        1. If you have the chance, check out Qube on 2nd, a block north of Nordstrom Rack. It's a boutique spot serving Asian & French cuisine. Their bar & lounge shake up some pretty creative cocktails. The best part is that their happy hour runs from 4 till 7 pm. Good bar food too.