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May 8, 2008 12:06 PM

Chinese Banquet in Pacific Palm resort

I am thinking about getting married in 2009, and Pacific Palm resort in City of industry offers us $1,350 per table of 10 (this price includes tax and tip). I was wondering if anyone could provide some feedback on their food/service.

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  1. Pacific Palms had a terrible reputation in the Chinese bridal community perhaps two to three years ago for poor service. Hopefully they got rid of the woman who was the root of the problem. Incidentally even though they like to push their high end wedding banquet packages, apparently they have less expensive alternatives too.

    1. That seems really expensive for a Chinese Banquet. I would check out Universal City Hilton for better food and half the price.

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        Actually I believe Pacific Palm has packages at half that price, too.

        1. re: Chandavkl

          Half that price is for outside catering

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            Actually, that's not true. I had my wedding there about two years ago and had a menu that was about half the price that you had mentioned. They just don't advertise those menus. Or at least, they had these menus when I got married.

            I actually had a great experience with my wedding. The person I worked with was very helpful, and my guests were very happy with the food and the ambiance. It's not the BEST banquet food in the SGV, but I think for a hotel it is one of the better ones.

      2. I went to a Chinese wedding there last year. The food was alright. But we were really full. I took some not so good pictures of the dishes if you are interested:

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          Interesting...I wonder how much that wedding cost. If it's anywhere close to $1,000 a table, it's a rip off. I've never had "Peking Pork" at a wedding. Also, the cold cut platter and shark fin's soup looks like the lower-end varieties as opposed to a whole suckling pig and braised shark's fin.