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May 8, 2008 11:26 AM

Sushi Kaji - advice please

Headed to Sushi Kaji for the first time for a birthday dinner this weekend. I know that there are different offerings on each of the tasting menus. Is it a good idea for the two of us to get different tasting menus? (i.e. I've seen some people here mention one person getting the $100 & one getting the $120.) If we were to get different items, is there actually enough to share? Or should we just go with the same one & not be jealous of the other's offerings?

Also saw folks mention buying Kaji a drink... is this a common thing to do? I don't want to seem pretentious or overly familiar by offering :)


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  1. Hi Watt. We've ordered both ways (2x same menu and A+B two menus). There is enough to share but just barely when you do A+B. But most of the items/plates have a lot more bite size (single person) servings. Overall there is quite a filling meal, even the slightly smaller menu.

    My wife and I are big food sharers so it wasn't a big deal and we had a lot of fun sharing. You have to work sometimes...think of trying to share a piece of nigiri. We'd probably do the A+B choice if she wasn't really hungry.

    So our vote is for $100+$120.

    Oh, and in relation to the drink. We shared our sake second time there...didn't seem to be taken badly (was ok sake...mid-priced bottle). It wasn't because but they remembered us but Chef Kaji was more engaged with us the second visit so we reciprocated his friendliness. The first night he was more occupied with another party at the bar.

    1. Yeah, When we went there we did the $120 each, and it was awesome, other friends have done the $100 and said that they got full off that as well. I've heard things like his "regulars" sit at the sushi bar etc. But I mean how often are you going to go blow that much on dinner, I don't really care about getting personal with Kaji. As long as the food is amazing, I'm happy. I think he can afford to buy his own sake too, I'm not buying him a drink.

      1. Last time I went was in the fall. Sanma sashimi in season. so much food. Had to refuse the last plate of sushi. Gotta go back. Food was great!
        If you have the early sitting ( 6 to 8pm), don't buy Kaji-san any drinks. Unless you tell him to save it until later. Regarding 100 or 120. Ask what the differences are before ordering. Sometimes (on rare occasion) 1 or 2 dishes are added to $100 course to make the 120 course. Enjoy!

        1. Just wanted to say thanks all for your advice! Just got back from our dinner @ Kaji. Unbelievably good - we both ended up getting the $120, and next time I suspect we might do an $80 + $100. Towards the end of the meal I panicked about being able to taste everything that was left, because I was already so full! Food was amazing, staff were attentive and sweet.

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            I've heard a lot of good things about this place but how much food are we talking about? I just feel that's a lot of coin for sushi (even excellent sushi).

            1. re: Mintycake

              it's not just sushi mind you.... it's a proper omakase that has a balance between cooked items and sushi. in fact, there's only about 2 courses out of say 6.

              the coin is worth it in toronto... his ingredients are among the best in the city. i'm nearing the point of refusing to eat uni anywhere but here. otherwise it's like ammonia flavoured blasphemy.

              and as a note to the ordering him a drink.... to be honest, i don't know if i'd do it unless i was there closing up the shop. there is many a night that he's too toasted to finish up service himself.