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May 8, 2008 11:25 AM

Charlottesville (UVA)

We will be driving from Baltimore to Charlottesville, VA on Sunday, 5/11. We are going to UVA for the Lacrasse tornament. We are travelling back and forth in one day. Any restaurant recommendations would be appreciated. We will be dressed casually. I know it's Mother's I'm sure many restaurants will be busy. We like most types of food. Suggestions can be for any where along the route. We'll need a lunch stop and a late dinner stop.

We're looking forward to your suggestions!!

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    Follow that link! The Post featured Charlottesville eateries in yesterday's Food Section. Big article. You can read it online. Many of the places written about have been mentioned by CH'ers but there were some some establishments I hadn't heard of before. It will give me more places to try when I go to C-ville to deliver/retrieve my son at UVA.

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      Wow. What luck. Thanks for the link. We'll take the article with us.

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        Both Mas and Ten mentioned in the article are closed Sundays FYI. Hamilton's will be open for lunch and it's a great bargain. Other lunch/brunch options are Zocalo (cuban-latin fusion upscale), Mono Loco (latin-spanish) w/great burritos and homemade guacomole

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          FYI Ten is now opened on Sunday for graduation starting at 4:30-5 and they are not booked yet

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            uvahustla - my wife and I are moving back to Charlottesville after a couple of years in San Francisco. We've visited a few times but haven't had the chance to try Ten yet. Any reports? Any other notable, new-ish spots we should put on our try quickly list when we get back next month? Thanks!

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              If you check out they have a review of Ten and alot of other new spots. I've had the best Asian meal of my life at Ten (including a summer in Asia) and the best meal in Charlottesville. My favorites are the calamari, avocado, and lobster tempuras, the escolar in sesame-ponzu sauce and kobe steak off the ossusume menu, the softshell crab and unagi rolled sushi, and the chicken tatsuta and mizuna salad for starters. I have not tried alot of the sashimi but the yellowtail and toro are top notch.

              There is a legitimate sake menu and things can get pricy quickly but in my experience it's always been worth it. You can have a life-changing meal at $100 a person with sake, or a very memorable meal for about $50 a person without drinks.

              I'm assuming you know about Mas, Continental Divide, etc. The Local is in Belmont and I haven't been yet but have heard good things and it's in the $10-$15 range for entrees. Enoteca is an Italian Wine Bar with a great vibe, wine, and quality small plates.