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May 8, 2008 11:22 AM

Looking for a great place to eat near Cape May

Somewhere the locals eat not necessarily a tourist trap.
Going for my anniversary, wife likes fresh seafood,oysters, etc.

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  1. Keith, I did see several responses to other threads requesting Cape May suggestions. I, too, am spending the day in Cape May (on Tuesday, May 20) with my loved one for our anniversary, and quite frankly, my head's starting to spin. I don't know anything about eating there, and I'll read a suggestion and then read something awful. Or it's just way too expensive. Thus far, I've read about one place which isn't mentioned on here and sounds really good! It's called Vanthia's, and they've got a nice site and reviews. I'm just not sure of their hours/days open this early in the year.

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      Vanthia's (which maintains two websites) is dinner only except during the "tourist season" when they are open for breakfast on weekends. Although their site mentions lunch,I'm never had lunch there. I've had several of their chicken dishes for dinner with the Greek style being my fav. Good value, clean family-friendly casual place. But, if you are looking for a quieter celebration, I would not recommend.

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        HillJ, it doesn't have to be real quiet. We spend lots of quiet time together :) and I'm sure Vanthia's isn't full of screaming brats rolling around on the floor. I'm like Keith, the original poster n this thread, though, in that I detest the tacky touristy-all-you-can-eat-crablegs type of places. But I also don't want the Cape May-is-noted-for-this-expensive-place type of place, either. So Vanthia's seems pretty cool, and a little different! I wonder if we'll need reservations on the Tuesday before Memorial Day weekend...

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          Follow-up a few minutes later. I just called them, and it's a good thing, because they'll be open the night before, Monday the 19th, but not on Tuesday the 20th. Back to Square One!

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            Screaming brats, I don't think so but for an anniversary I want to hear my dh talk. Family friendly places can be hard on couples just on sheer volume.

            A Ca Mia is a small bistro with a very nice seafood menu and wonderful breads/baked goods.


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        I only ate at Vanthia's once. The food was mediocre. The desserts were pretty good though. The Black Duck across the street is far superior. It's BYO and I've yet to read anything negative about it. Also very good is the Union Park in the Macomber hotel. Good raw bar at Jackson Mountain cafe - try the Cape May Salts. I also had an incredible Bloody Mary there this winter along with the Salts. I've been hearing good things about Moonfish Grille around the corner from Vanthia's but haven't been myself. Tried Louisa's a few weeks ago. It was fine but nothing I couldn't have done at home better. A really good option for a fine meal is just across the causeway from CM in Wildwood Crest at Marie Nicoles. I had an outstanding meal there last fall. I live in the area and eat at these places when the tourists are not around. And if you do decide to eat at Vanthia's anyway, you will not need reservations there, or anywhere else for that matter, on a week day before Memorial Day. Washington Inn is consistently good but $$$$.

      3. if ure looking "near cm" but not in it, i'd suggest garfields, uri and/or nicole maries in wildwood. near cm but not a tourist trap is wash inn, (vgood) and godmothers (byob).

        1. Some pretty cool posts, I like the rolling discussion, I read about a place in Stone Harbor that is owned by a really interesting and well qualified chef, "Sea Salt" Any feedback?

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