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May 8, 2008 11:22 AM

South Lake Tahoe

My husband and I are visiting Lake Tahoe (South) in early June. We're coming for a wedding on Saturday; our arrival is Friday morning and departure on Sunday evening, which leaves us with plenty of time to explore on our own. We're staying at Inn by the Lake and are looking for things to do and places to eat nearby.

On various posts, I read about a taqueira that offers great food. Are there other recommendations for must eat places there? We prefer local joints and nothing too expensive. We're not looking to spend big for food (fine dining), since this trip is already burning a hole in the pocket, reasonably priced restaurant is preferred. Restaurants with a view would be great.

Other than water sports and hiking, are there activies that locals enjoy by the Lake? For water activities, do you have suggestions/recommendations for rental companies that are tourist friendly?

Thank you in advance for your replies

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  1. I just had a great burger at the Burger Lounge in SLT. The place serves fresh ground hamburgers with all the fixings, including some tasty combinations like "Black & Blue" (blackened seasoning with blue cheese) and peanut butter burgers. The fries are also excellent with options including cajun, pesto, garlic, and cheese. They also serve real fresh lemonade and have nice outside seating.

    Burger Lounge
    717 Emerald Bay Rd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

    1. The Red Hut waffle shop is great for breakfast. There is healthy, casual spot called Sprouts. They have really good sandwiches and bean and rice bowls. I've also always liked the Fresh Ketch in the Tahoe Keys for dinner/seafood. They have a patio, and it's great to sit outside and have a bowl of steamers and a glass of wine.

      This is only supposed to be about food, but you should rent bikes and ride over to Camp Richardson and also visit the Interpretive Center - it is really beautiful.

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        For Dinner I'd recommend The Beacon Bar & Grill @ Camp Richardson's Resort we ate there the first night of our honeymoon, the view on the beach can't be beat.

        The Beacon Bar & Grill
        South Lake Tahoe, CA, South Lake Tahoe, CA

      2. My husband has been working in S Lake Tahoe for the past 8 months. Burger Lounge gets high marks (the Black and Blue mentioned by Sacto Damkier is killer). The Raley's supermarket has been enlarged and extensively remodeled, and now has a large food court, with quite a variety of foods. I believe that have also added lots to the deli & produce areas if you're into packing your own picnics. New in town is Beach Hut Deli, and that's his new favorite...great sandwiches (I think it is close to Raleys, but not sure).

        There are plenty of places to rent kayaks, and it's fun and easy - we went to the place by Camp Richardson.

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          My husband and I stayed at Inn by the Lake on our Honeymoon, there is a kayak and watersport rental place directly across the street, just watch for traffic LOL

        2. I've always enjoyed Izzy's Burger Spa for unpretentious burgers.

          Activity-wise, try the stream profile chamber:

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            Though I have never been- an old culinary school buddy is the Chef at Jakes on the Lake in SLT, and the food looks great via the website. His name is Scott Yorkey and I would consider him to be an above average Chef with great taste!

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                Jake's on the Lake is on the north shore of Lake Tahoe.

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                  Like I said- I have never been there- so sorry for the bum steer!

          2. Beach Hut deli is the place to go in SLT.... Great sandos and the atmosphere is the best in town!!! It is at the Y in the Raleys / Kmart shopping center next to Starbucks.. Check it out!