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May 8, 2008 10:29 AM


I am looking for moderately priced delicious Japanese food, restaurant open on Monday. My usual stops are Ino Sushi and Sapporo-Ya. Hoping for something recommended I haven't tried yet. I think Maki is overrated. Thank you...

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  1. Kui Shin Bo, in the same building as Ino, has daily specials of homestyle Japanese food. Type of food you would eat for dinner in Japan (sushi is a dining out experience). They do sushi and sashimi but the 4-5 daily specials are the draw. Usually seasonal grilled fish, fried seafood, katsu, curries, and authentic teriyaki.

    Pretty sure it's open on Monday but you may want to call and check.

    Kui Shin Bo
    22 Peace Plz # 535, San Francisco, CA

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      They aren't open on Mondays. But I do also recommend Kui Shin Bo in general as a wonderful homestyle good value Japanese food place.

    2. O Izakaya is open seven days.

      O Izakaya Lounge
      1625 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115