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May 8, 2008 10:21 AM

fancy lunch on saturday in burbank area

I am having a tough time finding a place for a nice lunch on a Saturday in the Burbank area. Bistro Garden, Ca de Sol, Pinot Bistro etc all closed for lunch on Saturday. Any suggestions??

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  1. It's not that fancy, but Castaway in Burbank has great views, especially if you're on the patio.

        1. re: gordita

          french 75 is now a BBQ restaurant called savannah. bummer....

          1. re: hilarymays

            It's not BBQ, it's upscale "southern" food. The menu isn't drastically different from French 75 and the decor is the same. It may be a good option, and it certainly isn't cheap.

        2. Maybe you could try McCormick & Schmidts (over off Riverside). There is also the what used to be called the Graciela Hotel but is now the Hotel Amarano. I've not been there but the picture of the dining room on their website looks very nice (and I know the hotel itself is very nice - over by Pinot Bistro). The website says afternoon and evening service so not sure if that includes lunch. Their phone number is 818-842-8887