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May 8, 2008 10:16 AM

Craving - Cookies In Financial District?

My Ironman Triathlon training has really been ramped up this week and I'm DYING for a cookie. Before I begin to rampage around my office looking for some baked goods can anyone recommend a decent bakery, deli with cookies or street vendor where I can find an aamzing cookie down here? I'm on Broadway off of Liberty.

Thanks! And just know any response can save my co-workers from a hungry triathlete tearing down cubicle walls.

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  1. crumbs bakery just opened on beaver between wall st and hanover, plus they have great cupcakes as well. or if you want more pastries, there's financier patisserie on pine and william. i live down here and frequent both. enjoy!

    1. Try Financier at Cedar and William (just off Liberty near Chase Manhattan Plaza). More pastries than cookies, but very good pastries.

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        Thanks guys - I know Financier well, usually get my mid-afternoon coffee from there; but was totally craving a cookie. Walked to Crumb, the service was kind of akward but the cookies are pretty darn good.

        Klatch on Maiden Lane is another great place for coffee and baked goods - but their baked goods are more on the healthy/ granola side of things.