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Anyone been there? What did you think?

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  1. I was there a long time ago on a visit to east Ft Lauderdale. I remember that everyone in my party liked the food. Especially, the desserts were superb.

    1. I have been 3 times in the past year and I loved every time. I had the something or other piccatta twice, and if I hadn't known I would have thought it was chicken. Great appetizers too. They also have a bar and do fantastic cocktails. The ambience and decor is also great.

      1. Its a vegeterian restaurant. I think the food is great and my dad was a butcher...

        1. I was there a few months ago. It was okay, but I was not as impressed as I expected to be, given all the recommendations I had been given by others. We shared the cauliflower app (fritto misto) which was tasty but heavy...(not surprising since it's a fried dish) I ordered the piccata for my entree which was disappointing in flavor, and the spinach was not good at all, in either texture or flavor. The potatoes were just okay. My husband got the portobello which was better.

          My chocolate martini was good however, and for dessert, we left and went to Kilwins on Las Olas. Perhaps their other items are better, and some did look very interesting, but I had heard raves about the fritto misto and piccata and regrettably went with that.

          As far as atmosphere, the place is beautiful. We were seated by the waterfall wall and it was lovely.

          1. The interior is decorated nicely but personally I dislike it. I have been there over the years and between their numerous closings and re-openings. I don't mind vegetarian food at all and usually enjoy it but their food almost always flavorless and highly salted, to the point all you taste is the salt. Their original menu was much better in my opinion, when they had more simple food -- after all you can only get so fancy with soy.

            1. Does anyone have any recent reviews of Sublime? I'm a vegetarian visiting Ft Lauderdale for one night in a couple weeks and am thinking of trying it out. Thanks!

              1. In addition to my previous question of asking about recent thoughts on this place (looks like its not very popular) does anyone know if I need to make reservations? I see that they take them, but I'm not sure if it is necessary. TIA!

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                  They weren't very busy when I went. I ordered the pad thai or a similar Asian dish. What was served to me was more like a hot salad with lemon juice dressing. The portabello mushroom dish my girlfriend had was ok. The desert was stale. We won't be going back.

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                    Thanks for the reply! Very disappointing - is there somewhere else in that general area (maybe within 10 miles or so) that would be a better veg friendly place?

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                      If you like Indian food, there are two very good ones nearby: Woodlands and Udipi. Both are on University a little bit north of Sunrise.

                      I personally wish very much to say I love the place, and wish too that there are more veg friendly restaurants in S Florida. But in all honestly I think I get better quality food if I go to a non veg restaurant and order the veg items from the menu, especially for the Asian influenced dishes.