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May 8, 2008 09:58 AM

DC restaurant recs for a finicky friend?

I'm having dinner w/ a friend that's coming into town but am having a hard time figuring out a place to go. She's got a history of food disorders and is back on a healthy diet of protein, veggies and salad so that's what she's looking for, nothing more, nothing less. She can't deal with spices so ethnic is out and it can't be too fancy--the simpler the better. Any DC restaurant suggestions out there that will also keep me happy?

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  1. How about Hook? The preperations are fairly simple, but this is only good if she eats fish, since the entire menu is seafood.

    Another recommendation, although not really comparable would be Grillfish. I get take out from there all the time and think its pretty good. They grill their fish on a wood plank and everything can be very simply prepared. I believe they also have a few non-seafood options as well.

    If she eats steak, a steak restaurant might be good where she can just get a simple fillet.

    And finally the Daily Grill. Someone else mentioned it on here for being good for people watching their salt in take. It probably would work for this case as well. I went for the first time a couple of months ago and was plesantly surprised by their simple grilled salmon. On the side is a tomato salsa like sauce. With simple grilled veggies and a salad. It was healthy and tasty. Daily grill also allows you to get simple grilled chicken, steak etc.

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      Hook is a good choice. But if Hook it a little too pricey/trendy for your friend's taste, Barton Seaver's new restaurant Tackle Box (just next door to Hook) is really good. Simply grilled fish and a nice selection of sides including grilled vegetables and some fried fare. It's just a great casual place to grab a fast but healthy meal.

    2. Pesce in Dupont. DC Chophouse in Penn Quarter. Sonoma on the Hill. Clydes. Ulah Bistro on U Street. Ardeo in Cleveland Park. Cashions in Adams Morgan.

      1. If you're willing to travel to Friendship Heights, she'd probably love Rock Creek at Mazza, which has a healthful focus on its food.

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          1. Pick a place that you would like to go to. Any good restaurant will modify their menu to accommodate what she wants. I'm on a low carb diet and frequently ask the waiter to substitute vegetables for potatoes, salad for pasta, grill the meat without the topping, etc.