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May 8, 2008 09:54 AM

Upscale veg friendly in Tokyo

I've already done my due diligence on this site and on various vegetarian sites on the net for vegetarian restaurants in Tokyo.

What I'm looking for in particular are suggestions for upscale restaurants (not Japanese/Kaiseki/shojin ryori based b/c I'll be in Kyoto for that) that offer vegetarian options, or ideally, a vegetarian tasting/carteblanche menu. This is for my traveling companion who is a vegetarian, while I am willing to eat anything.


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  1. Pierre Gagnaire in Aoyama has an excellent vegetarian prix-fixe menu - very creative and fun, with flavorful and diverse ingredients.

    1. There is a very good upscale vegetarian restaurant in Ginza called Nataraj. here is the link:

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        Nataraj doesn't seem to publicize their connection to the Osho Sakshin Meditation Center and commune as much as they used to. I think the restaurants used to be staffed mostly (entirely?) by commune members.

        Personally I think that one can find better vegetarian options in most regular (non-vegetarian) Indian restaurants in Tokyo.

      2. For upscale vegetarian, I'd definitely recommend Yasaimei. I've only been to the branch in Omotesando Hills. Like the locale, the decor is a bit flash and the waiters glide like host-club studs, but the food is stellar.

        The menu isn't exclusively vegetarian, but it does celebrate vegetables in a large number of dishes. I believe they have a private farm and the menu often features rare vegetables (and the staff are pleasingly knowledgeable about the veggies they're serving).

        There are both a la carte and course menus. I think the 4-course meal we had was around 6,000 yen a head.

        There's also Kurkku Kitchen's vegetarian course:

        But I've only been there for lunch; can't vouch for the evening menu.