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May 8, 2008 09:36 AM

brachs special

i got a great deal at brachs deli counter last night.

6 Fried Chicken Drumsticks
6 Fried Chicken Thighs
with 2 lbs. of salad


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  1. sounds like transfat heaven

    1. Can't beat those chicken specials at Brachs. Its getting to the point that I have a hard time buying raw chickens. Brachs is charging $2.50/lb for raw chicken which makes it $7.50 for a 3 pound bird. For another 50 cents you can go to the del counter and buy one ready made WITH one pound of side dish (which goes for $3+). My kids love, not just like, the chicken so why cook?

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        1. re: queenscook

          I asked at Brachs what they coat their chickens with, you know what they said- NOTHING. I have one of those Ronco Showtime Compact Rotisserie and actually did that. I took a raw chicken, washed it and roasted it and guess what? It tasted exactly and looked like the ones I buy from Brachs. So their chickens are just that, chicken!

          1. re: MartyB

            Fine, but kiddush hopper referred to fried chicken and salad. I like to control what I cook my chicken in and what I put in my salads, i.e., mayo or not, if so, how much, whole grain pasta vs. regular, etc.

            1. re: queenscook

              there are also different "grades" of chickens. I

      1. Beware! Smell your chicken before you eat it. I had some bad luck there today with the raw chicken (they took it back, no problem)

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        1. re: websterhall1994

          "Beware! Smell your chicken before you eat it."

          don't you mean "Before you cook it"

          1. re: websterhall1994

            Brachs is asking $2.50/lb for chcken, Supersol is selling them for $1.69/lb

            Just goes to to say that if you spend more it doesn't mean that you are getting something better, just means that you are paying more.

            1. re: MartyB

              I've seen chicken sold that was nothing but skin and bones,. is it worth $1.69 a lb? maybe, maybe not.

              are they selling the same brand, quality etc.?

              there might be a reason why you're paying less. (or maybe not)

              I know for a fact Empire has different quality labels the put on the cases of chickens (my father inlaw used to be in the kosher provision business and used to get us cases from an Empire wholesale distributer) you want the cases with the black label if you can get them

          2. I can't figure it out, the latest Brachs flyer has them selling chicken cutlets for $6.49/lb. Whats so special about that price? Supersol is now selling chicken cutlets for $3.39/lb.

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            1. re: MartyB

              The chicken cutletsfor $6.49 at Brach's are butterflied and hand-trimmed. This is the equivalent of Supersol's "Thin-sliced Chicken Cutlets" which sell for either $7.49 or $7.99/lb. I find Supersol's to be thinner and better trimmed- well worth the price difference.

              1. re: websterhall1994

                Just out of curiousity, is it that difficult to butterfly a chicken cutlet to warrent such a large price differential?

                1. re: MartyB

                  I guess the answer to that is "how many are left on the shelf?" at the end of the day or week or however often they stop selling meat? If people are willing to pay the price, then it's worth it to them. It clearly seems as though it's not worth it to you, yet it IS worth it to websterhall1994. To me, it's worth it to pay even over $10 a pound for certain cuts of bison, which I find tasty and far lower in fat than the beef that it tastes like. We live in a free market economy, and part of the decision a seller makes is what the market will bear. They are also not a tzedaka. They deserve pay for their labor; it has to cost more than their wholesale cost for the work they do, even leaving aside the costs of running a business. I wouldn't pay a dime for a bottle of water, under most circumstances, but millions of people across this country happily pay more for a half liter of water than they do for the same amount of gas for their car. But while there is outrage currently over the cost of a gallon of gasoline, no one mentions that a gallon of bottled water, especially when bought from a machine or a corner deli, comes out to about $10 a gallon. It's all what's worth it to the buyer.

                  1. re: queenscook

                    It's not that hard to butterfly a chicken cutlet- that's why I don't usually buy the ones at Brach's. I can do the same thing at home with a decent knife. Also, even their butterflied and "cleaned" cutlets often have pieces of cartilage and globs of fat that I need to clean off. The Supersol thin sliced cutlets are actually cleaned, trimmed and pounded thin. They can be used right out of the package with no additional work required on my part, which is why I find them worth the premium price.

            2. Despite the continued lowering prices of fuel, chicken prices continue to escalate. It has finally taken its toll on the famous "chicken special" at Brachs. Today I saw that the price rose from $7.99 to $8.99 for one chicken and a pound of side dish. Still a great deal, Gourmet Glatt charges $8.99 for only the chicken, adding a side will probably bring the total to $12.99

              Today was the first day that I had a hard time finding a parking spot at Brachs! There were only two spots left in the lot, both tight squeezes. It is a shame that Glatt Kosher Kingdom still did not open. I think it is a given that they will do well, lately both Brachs and Gourmet Glatt are really crowded and people will be looking for alternatives, so unless the management of Glatt Kosher Kingdom makes major blunders they will be successful.


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              1. re: MartyB

                ... Amazing, my daughter went to Brachs tonight to pick up a few items (Sat night 10pm) she said the entire lot was full save 2 or 3 of the handicaped spots.

                1. re: MartyB

                  how did we survive before Brachs? ;-)

                  or haver so many more ppl moved into the 5 towns since it opened?

                  1. re: berel

                    In my case, before Brachs I went to the local supermarkets, Keyfood, Waldbaums and Foodtown. I went to Chap A Nash, Gourmet Glatt and Supersol for my meats.

                    I am sure that the influx of the frum people is a factor as well. I don't know what has been going on lately, but according to my daughter, Brachs is getting really busy as of late and to quote her "it is not comfortable shopping there lately".

                    My current shopping habits has been to shop at Brachs for 95% of my needs, I go to Gourmet Glatt for a handful of items, Milk, cottage cheese (lately they have been selling Friendship at $1.99/lb) and a few odd-ball items that Brachs doesn't carry (like one carb ketchup). I go to Costco for items like Romaine lettuce (half price of Brachs 6/$3.99 vs. Brachs 3/$3.99), potatoes, cantaloupe and other odds and ends.