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May 8, 2008 09:34 AM

best dinner deals in town...

Does anyone have tips for some econo-dining in Austin? For example, the 2-for-1 burgers on Wednesday nights at Huts ~ you can't beat it!

Which other restaurants offer special daily deals for the budget conscious consumer?

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  1. RC Fowlers does wings for 25cents on Monday & Tuesdays

    1. I think on Mondays, Habana does either buy-one-get-one-free or half price Cubans. I can easily make one of those sandwiches last me two meals.

      Also, Quality Seafood's $2 Tuesdays... $2 seafood tacos and $2 drafts. Good stuff.

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        1. Schlotzsky's has $3.99 regular sandwiches and pizza on Mondays (Bun Day)
          Domino's Pizza has $7.99 pick up special for a large 3 topping on Mon, Tue and Wed.
          Domino's also has their new Artisan pizzas for $7.99 pick up if you are into that kind.
          Pizza Hut continues to offer a large pizza for $10 - pickup only (more toppings if you order online)
          Pizza Hut also has Tuscani Tuesday - for $10 you get 2 pastas and 5 breadsticks (Tue Only)

          1. Santa Rita on 38th offers two for one fajitas on Tuesdays.

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              The Santa Rita Fajita deal is Monday nights. Tuesday is cheap taco, I think. Fino has a half price Paella deal on Tuesdays before 7. Combine that with their $1 Happy Hour sherry selection and cheap apps and you can't go wrong. Otherwise, check the Frugal Feaster website for daily deals and happy hours in Austin, although much of it is distinctly non-chowhound stuff....