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May 8, 2008 09:20 AM

Good Glass of Bubbly in Downtown DC

My boyfriend and I are having an early dinner Saturday night to celebrate our anniversary. We'd like to continue our celebration after dinner with a glass of bubbly (Champagne, cava, etc). Anyone have any suggestions on bars/lounges/restaurants in the Penn Quarter area of DC that has a good selection of bubbly? Feel free to suggest places outside Penn Quarter. We're pretty open to anything.

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  1. Proof has an excellent selection of bottles on their website ranging from Tatt to some really high end, I haven't been so I don't know if they do by the glass, if you wanted that.

    Doesn't Oya even have a champagne cart? I would imagine they would do glasses and have some bottles.

    Jaleo would have a good selection of Cava, which tends to be a little fruiter and not as dry as it isn't normally ages as long unless you get a reserve bottle, it is also normally a little cheaper.

    I forget where I was recently that had a good selection by the glass, if I can think of it I will post back.

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      i second the Proof rec. They have a rolling champagne cart and would be willing to serve any of those by the glass that they have on the cart. The only caveat is the bar there is slammed on the weekends.
      Another suggestion might be Veritas in upper dupont, which is a great wine bar with some bubbly by the glass options. Finally, any of the high end hotel bars would have bubbly by the glass...Hay Adams, Jefferson, St Regis, Willard, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Fairmont all come to mind. Plus the atmosphere in any of those would be really celebratory and romantic. i don't think Sky Bar at the hotel washington is open right now but if it is that would be awesome...

      1. re: DCDOLL

        Hotel Washington closed unfortunately, it is going to be turned into a W and the roof terrace is going to be glassed in as of the last plans I read.

        1. re: ktmoomau

          well that just sucks rocks!!! i hadn't heard that. GLASSED IN?? it's the best open air view of DC there is! Their drinks were overpriced and sucky but i didn't much care when i could sit up there and really see and feel the city!
          What will they think of next...putting scaffolding on the washington monument?? (oh yeah they already did that... :)))))

          1. re: DCDOLL

            I know I got really mad about it, it was the best place for Fourth of July in DC, too, and a W? The Hotel Washington was always so classy. I hope they don't glass it in, but they probably will thinking it will give them more business when really we will just miss that open air and being able to look out over the mall and the white house. This used to be where we stayed when we were kids and our parents brought us to DC, it was sad to lose so much in terms of personal memories.

            1. re: DCDOLL

              That's horrible! I wish I knew I would have gotten a good bye drink up there. Why would they close it in? Perhaps so its available year round---probably want to have events and weddings up there or something.

      2. Proof is of course the obvious choice with their cool champagne cart.

        Another option would be PS7. I love champagne and champagne cocktails. When I went there last they had this great champagne cocktail made with bourbon (which I rarely drink), bitters, and a sugar cube at the bottom. Surprisingly good. Plus the lounge at PS7 is very nice with lots of fun drinks. It also might be easier to get a seat at the bar or on the little couches at PS7 vs Proof which is crazy busy.

        I've also had champagne at Degrees, the bar inside the Ritz in Georgetown. I really like Degrees, it's a very nice bar...trendy but still maintains an adult feel and is never overly crowded.