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May 8, 2008 09:18 AM

Visiting from NYC

I'm going to be vacationing in Montreal with SO at the end of May and would love some recommendations from local foodies. We're very adventurous eaters and are open to all cuisines. However, it would be nice to focus on things that we can't get in New York City (a very difficult task ) or things that are likely to be better in Montreal than in New York (French food?). Pricewise we'd love some options in the cheap eats, mid-range, and medium-high range. Any suggestions you have would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance. See you in a couple weeks.

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  1. There are a million similar threads on this topic- just use the search function above. You don't say if you will have car, where you will be staying etc..

    My one piece of advice on things you can't get in NYC- you have to go to St. Viateur or Fairmount for freshly made bagels (now you'll see what a real bagel is), and to Schwarz's on St. Laurent for real smoked meat. For a real Quebecois experience, Au Pied de Cochon. More upscale would be Club Chasse et Peche in Old Montreal.

    1. You can now get poutine in NYC but for the real deal you have to head to La Banquise, it's opened 24h. Second everything maisonbistro said.

      1. We were in Quebec from NYC a couple of years ago, and we absolutely adored Toast!, which is a completely un-prepossessing restaurant in a small hotel. We would up eating there 3 times, and even went to a kitchen supply store to buy some of the cool plates they used. We still make some dishes that were inspired by our meals there...

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          Except that Toast! is in Quebec City, not Montreal.

        2. I'd totally echo what has been said here. Bagels, poutine, smoked meat and upscale Quebecois at Au Pied de Cochon is pretty much a summary of the best and brightest in Montreal-specific food. I'd also like to throw in a few things.

          For higher class French fare (not particularly Quebecois, mind you), places like L'express and Lemeac are amazing. Great wine lists (especially at the latter) and really delicious classic food. They're both in great areas to explore, too.

          For some great on the go food, Montreal has a great selection of shish taouk/shawarma. The more or less undisputed favourite is Boustan on Crescent. Also, while you're picking up some poutine, you should definitely pick up some steamé hot dogs. They're definitely a thing around here, and very different from the hot dogs you get at carts in NYC.

          I'd also suggest checking out the Jean Talon market. It's a great slice of Montreal life, you can pick up some tasty maple products, sample some decent frites at the new Frites Alors kiosk, get some awesome cheese and just go around snacking until you're full.

          1. My 2 pence would be Le Margaux on Park Avenue. It is French, the decor is nothing but the food...fabulous and delicious. A lovely , simple, and affordable.