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May 8, 2008 09:17 AM

6 Hour layover in Amsterdam

I have a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam - is it possible to leave the airport via taxi and have a nice meal in the city and be back in time for my flight? I get in around 730 am and leave around 130 pm. If it is possible - Where should I go?


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  1. It would actually be faster to take the train - they run quite frequently between the airport and Central Station and take only about 20 minutes, while a taxi fighting its way through Amsterdam traffic (especially at morning rush hour!) would take much longer.

    Most of what you'll find around Central Station is tourist food, but there are a couple of excellent options within a few minutes walk that I can recommend: the Sea Palace, on a ship floating behind the station (, serves excellent Chinese, and Het Melkmeisje (The Milkmaid) on Zeedijk ( is my favorite little French bistro in the city.

    However, that's really moot, because the bigger problem is the fact that you'd need to be finished eating by around 10:30 - 11AM at the latest to head back for your flight, and no self-respecting European restaurant will be serving lunch that early.

    You might be better off just doing a little sightseeing and grab a snack along the way. There's a decent little falafel stand (Maoz) right across the plaza from the station.

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      I was just wondering, with a 13hr layover if there is a problem leaving your bags there, or if its like some places where you take them with you?

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        There are lockers at the airport where you can leave moderately-sized bags, and a Left Luggage counter that can store anything you've got.

    2. This is not a gourmet meal idea but within ten minutes walk of the station (if not less) is the new Amsterdam library. They have a good cafe on the top floor - with a terrific view of the harbour and parts of the city. If nothing else, you should be able to get a good snack. I agree that the train is definitely the way to get into the city.

      1. Wouls a visit to the Noorder Market be worthwhile? Does anyone know the days and times that it is open?

        1. Few quick replies:

          - The Noordermarkt is open on Saturdays only - morning until early afternoon.

          - Taking the train to the city is indeed much quicker than a taxi. And very convenient as trains leave directly from within the airport terminal. Make sure you take one to "Amsterdam Centraal" - some trains go to other Amsterdam train stations and will not stop at Centraal.

          - Dropping off luggage is no problem. There is a luggage storage in the basement of the central area of Schiphol airport. Luggage that you checked in, will probably be routed through to destination without you having to pick it up.

          - In terms of things to do early morning, you might want to try Haarlemmerstraat. It's a cute street about 10 min walk west of Centraal Station. It's full of shops and restaurants and you will be able to get some breakfast or pick up some streetfood.


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