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May 8, 2008 09:13 AM

Views on Vintage Virginia wine fest?

I'm considering getting tix to this year's festival and am wondering if anyone has thoughts from previous years. Does the ticket price cover "all you can taste" samples (like at the International Food and Wine Festival) or are limited sample tickets provided (ala a past Maryland Wine Festival)? Also, will wine be available there for sale by the bottle/case? Thanks!

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  1. ainara: It's all you can taste and all you can buy/shlep home.

    The other big VA wine event is the Virginia Wine Festival, which has also fled The Plains, in this case for the Prince William County Fairgrounds, Sept. 27-28, when it might not be so blasted hot as in past years.

    For a day in the country (so to speak), they are both good deals. You'll taste some bad wine, but also some very good and unusual wines too. Plus you get a souvenir wine glass at both; we have a shelf full of them.

    1. I've attended the spring Vintage VA winefest, and the late summer VA Wine Fest every year, for the last 6 years. The price is EXCEPTIONAL considering you can do unlimited tastings at the near 60+ wineries in attendance; not to mention that there is usually decent music, and good local artists/vendors. It's certainly worth it- and the day out of the hustle and bustle is just as nice. The wine is usually sold cheaper @ the festivals, than at the wineries themselves. Tip: depending on the weather, dress for it to be blazing hot! Another tip: the best festivals are those that I've attended when it's been raining. The attendance is dramatically lower, you get personal attention at the tasting tables- and they give you better deals! Have fun!

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        I'd also suggest you pack a good lunch and take it with you. We took bagettes and cheese and meat and everyone was asking where we got it.