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May 8, 2008 09:13 AM


We're looking for a nice restaurant in Skippack(or any area that would be a scenic drive from Northeast Philadelphia) for lunch. No restrictions as to type of food or price, although we are taking 2 80 year olds with mobility issues. Thanks for your help-

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  1. My favorite lunch place in Skippack is Brasserie 73-has a nice outdoor covered patio in front and good food IMO. Trying to remember if there are any steps from the parking lot, and there might be a few but I think you can pull up and let them out in the front and then not have to deal with steps. You can call them and check (610-584-7880).

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      Give Basta Pasta a shot. I don't believe that there are any steps there to worry about.

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        The brasserie is a good option because it has a gorgeous patio, thats great for people watching. Great option if you are looking for a "scenic" afternoon.

      2. Parc Bistro also has a nice outside patio with umbrella tables and no stairs which are close to the "facllities" as well. Always a consideration for my aging kin.

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        1. My husband's grandmother loves Basta Pasta, and the Park Bistro is always good!!

          1. thanks for all the great ideas-we changed our plans to go out the week after Mother's Day to avoid the crowds, but we'll be sure to follow up with reviews next week.

            Any other ideas would also be appreciated.

            Thanks again-