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May 8, 2008 08:57 AM

Mother's Day lunch in or near Providence

Got any recommendations. Group of six--my family meeting my mother and father in Providence Sunday early-afternoon. I know a couple good restaurants there--Al Forno, Chez Pascal--but they're both closed Sundays. However, those are the kinds of places I'm looking for. Don't have to be in the city proper.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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  1. Here is a list from the Prov Journal of restaurants open on Mother's Day.

    Of that list in the city itself, I think only Mill's is even close to the level of a Chez Pascal.

    Edit - La Laiterie is for sure, but I wouldn't attempt that place on Mother's Day unless they are accepting res. A couple of months ago I attempted to get in on a sat night - for dessert only, 10pm, just 2 people - and it was still an hours wait.

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      Thanks very much. When you say "Mill's" can I assume you are referring to Camille's?

      1. re: sgrundman

        No, Mill's Tavern. Although Camille's is definitely a possibility as well.

    2. Check out The Rue de l'espoir on Hope St They should be open on Sunday. Also, but you have to be into this kind of food, is Tina's on Atwells Ave. I would call ahead to make sure that she is open.

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