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May 8, 2008 08:56 AM

Clearwater: Where would you eat before a show at Ruth Eckerd?

We're going to see Bill Maher this Saturday, and will be driving over to Ruth Eckerd Hall from South Tampa. Where should we have dinner? I'm not looking for an exhaustive list of places to dine in Clearwater, just your favorites--where would YOU go this Saturday night?? (TIA!)

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  1. I like Vincenzos on Enterprise just to the east of McMullen Booth Rd. This is about 3-4 miles north of RE Hall.

    You might want to check the opening time as I think they are closed in the afternoon.


    1. Panos Kouzina at McMullen Booth and 580- a little further North than Vincenzo's. Cute but relatively casual Greek and Italian cuisine. I think Ban Thai is also around McMullen and Enterprise for Thai food and then there's Ponte's Tuscan Grill on the opposite side of McMullen if you want nicer, nouveau Italian.

      1. no question Ponte Grille is great check it out on the internet. They also have the best restaurant in the bay Ponte cafe

        1. I'd go just a couple miles north of Ruth Eckerd to Safety Harbor and dine at Green Springs Bistro, which is one of my local faves.

          1. Hope it was a good show. To set the mood for Larry the Cable Guy THIS Saturday at RE, I'm thinking the original Hooters in Clearwater ,although I may want to dumb it down a bit.