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best foie gras in boston?

At the risk of being TOTALLY un-pc, I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the best foie dishes in Boston!

Totally embarassing, but a DC and I once loved our foie at Mistral so much that we each ordered seconds for dessert. Heart attack on a plate, I'm sure.

I've found the No 9 prune gnocchi flavor combo to be great, but am looking for more...

I've heard great things about the lacquered foie at Clio. Any other must tries?


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  1. TW Foods in Cambridge seems to loves the foie-- I'm not a huge fan and not really a discriminating palate, but they figured out at least three or four ways to have it in the seven course tasting menu we had about three months ago.

    1. Haha!!! I once did that at Bittersweet Restaurant on Martha's Vineyard.....the owner/chef sent out a larger piece than normal for dessert and told the waitress he thought I was cool having foie gras for dessert.....it was funny

      1. the lacquered foie at clio is outstanding.

        1. The best foi gras I've ever had was at L'Espalier.

          1. The foie gras at O Ya is outstanding.

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              Enthusiastic second for the O Ya foie (hurrah).

              My other recent favorite was the trio of foie gras starter at La Voile. Seared, pate, and [my favorite] brulee. Bring your favorite cardiologist and enjoy.

            2. As you can probably guess I am a HUGE fan of Foie Gras...the best I ever had as of late was at the Tuscan Grill on Moody St in Watham, pan seared with an apple tartlet and I dont even really like apples!! I know this sounds sooooo whacked, but I remember when I fell in love with this stuff. I was about 22 years old, having Christmas dinner at the Ritz in Boston with my daddy....OMG, orgasmic :-).

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                I should have known that with a name like that, you'd have a good memory of your "first!"

                (Mine was at the Blue Door at the Delano in Miami, and I've been a sucker for it ever since... I'm going to goose hell, I'm sure.)

                Thanks all for your suggestions. Looks like O Ya, Clio, and L'Espalier are on the list.

              2. My favorite foie in Boston has been at Troquet, I think the lacquered foie at Clio is overrated and not terribly tasty and I do like the foie at O Ya.

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                  Agree about Troquet. Esp. as they serve it two ways, seared and mousse.

                2. I've never had foie gras and am considering having the prune gnocchi at No. 9 Park as my first experience. Is it worth adding as a supplement to the tasting menu or should I pop my foie gras cherry elsewhere?

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                    i love the foie gras @ no9park !!!!! it would be my fave in boston

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                      I've never had the foie torchon at No 9 (although I bet it's great!), but I think Momeaux was asking whether the prune gnocchi with foie gras should be his/her first experience--- which I would vote a definitive NO to. It's a great dish because the components are a really wonderful flavor combo, but it's not at all the decadent experience a bite of seared foie gras is. So I'd vote pop that cherry elsewhere, or try the torchon on kweesee's advice (with the caveat that I've never tried it there).

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                        But don't you think a safe intro is a bright idea. I think a sushi virgin would rather start with a tuna roll than a slab of sea urchin gonads.

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                          I tried the prune stuffed gnocchi with foie gras last night, and it was an amazing flavor combination with the sweetness of the prune and the seared foie gras. I think it's a good intro if one is looking for something milder. I guess it depends on if you prefer to dive right into the foie gras as the main attraction or if you want it as a well-incorporated component of a dish.

                  2. I don't eat foie gras often, but the ones at O Ya and Clio both are memorable for me, O Ya wins by a good bit.

                    1. Clio's is very good. Odd, but the best I ever had in this area was at La Campania in Waltham. It was amazing.

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                        Jamie Bissonette's Foie Gras Torchon at KO Prime used to be the best version of that style I'd had in the city, but only see seared on the menu now. (Which is also pretty good.)

                        Radius is superlative for both styles.
                        O Ya is fine, but a little gimmicky, IMHO (and anyone who has read my posts knows I think O Ya is THE best restaurant in the city). Too sweet, fro my taste.

                        Butcher Shop's foie gras mousse is wonderful.

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                          Two blasts from the past.....Jasper's old restaurant: no one has yet to match his pan-seared foie gras with grape confit....and Salamander always had a great foie gras.....I do miss both those places and their foie gras dishes.....now one of them is peddling corn dogs and getting VERY rich doing it (and VERY respectable seafood) and the other is creating donut flavors.....