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May 8, 2008 08:32 AM

Chocolate-Banana Cake at Marvellous Edibles


I tried the chocolate-banana cake at Marvellous Edibles on the weekend - it was delicious. 3 layers of cake with a chocolate-banana ganache icing.

I am looking for replication suggestions. I am fairly certain that there was some booze (brandy perhaps?) in the cake, probably after baking, and there was banana puree in the icing, but other than that am at a loss. Has anyone tried it?


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  1. Never tried it but LaRocca makes a chocolate chip banana cake that is awesome! You can find it at the Real Canadian Superstore or some little bakeries carry larocca cakes too.

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      I love the chocolate-banana cake at Marvellous Edibles and get it often. It's moist and chocolately and deliciousl. I love that filling. It's my go-to for birthdays, etc. I can't help you with ingredients though. And I didn't detect any booze. Just wanted to recommend the cake and the bakery/restaurant.

      Marvellous Edibles
      2781 St Clair Ave E, Toronto, ON M4B, CA

    2. My favourite cake at Marvellous Edibles is the apple cranberry. Try it.... It is the best one I have had in the citty. I have tried to replicate but have never come close.