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May 8, 2008 08:25 AM

Vegas - Cathouse at Luxor

Hard to find reviews on this restaurant - would love some feedback! We are heading to Vegas at the end of May. Thanks!

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  1. I went a few weeks back -- wasn't that impressed (wasn't horrible but I would go back only for drinks I think unless enough friends dragged me). It dissapointed me too because I always enjoyed the old Simon's restaurant at the Hard Rock. I understand that the other Kerry Simon restaurant is opening at the new Palm's Tower in may--- you may want to try that instead.

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      thanks! I thought it might be fun for my husband since I have read that it's sort of a show while dining. Would you recommend for drinks instead? Do you remember if you can see the entertainment from the bar?

    2. You can't see any enetertainment from the bar.. but its a cool atmosphere and late night it turns into an ultra lounge so it may be worth checking out.