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May 8, 2008 08:24 AM

Mother's Day brunch in Tulsa area

Was looking at some of the offerings for brunch/lunch in the Tulsa area in the Tulsa World this morning. One of the ones mentioned was The Canebrake near Wagoner. I thought the buffet selection -- ham, lamb, prime rib, seafood -- sounded pretty good for the price ($21 adults). I've read quite a bit about the Canebrake, but haven't made it out there yet. Was wondering if anyone has tried it and what they think, or if you have a better suggestion for a mother's day meal.

The Michael Fusco's buffet and Michael V's also looked interesting. Am familiar with Fusco but not with Michael V.

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  1. Michael Fusco's Riverside Grill is great, but for Mom---look at The Green Onion Restaurant on 51st St in Tulsa. My four siblings and I took Mom there for a Sunday buffet years ago and that is where we've had to go many, many times. We kids are scattered around the country, and when we fly in, we hear: "How 'bout the Sunday buffet at that onion place."

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      Well that's a thought. I've only eaten there once and it was very very good. It is so understated it is easy to over look.

    2. The Canebrake has become my go to restaurant for brunch and for dinner. Yes, it is a brief drive out of town but the food is glorius. Sam Bracken and his crew make a great brunch experience. And on any Sunday it is only a 45 minute drive from Utica Square. They have a limited buffet with nice choices and now they even have a carving station. When you are ready to order your egg dish, whether omelet, eggs any way or eggs benedict(I highly recommend this option) you order directly from the chefs in the kitchen. I ususally get my house smoked salmon when I order the eggs. And the desserts are all made in house as are a lot of the things they do like the sausages and the smoked brisket. I rate the Canebrake highly over the Green Onion and Micheal Fusco's. They are good but they are not on the same level as the Canebrake Kitchen.