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May 8, 2008 08:14 AM

Specialty Chocolate - E. Windsor, Freehold or Princeton, NJ Area

We are looking to have our son give out some type of specialty chocolates in July when his baby brother gets here. Does anyone have a really good chocolate shop where we can get bottles, lollipops, or whatever my son picks out to give to family visiting the hospital?

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  1. In Freehold there's Monmouth Candies on Business Rt. 33. I'm not sure if they carry what you're looking for, but they probably do. If you're willing to travel a little North of the Princeton area, there's The Fudge Shop on 202 in Flemington. I love this place.

    1. Thomas Sweets in Princeton

      1. David Bradley Chocolates ( ) has a factory outlet in the Windsor Industrial Park in East Windsor, just of Route 130. (609) 443-4747

        Decent quality, and they usually have a large selection of interesting shapes. Definitely worth a visit.

        1. Carl Fischer Candies Lawrenceville Shopping Center on Rt. 1 609-882-5566

          1. Whats you budget? If it is somewhat unlimited, the Pastry chef at Rats is the best in NJ. Call and talk to him about some fun ideas. 609.584.7800 his name is Max.
            He was on the US Virgin Islands Olympic pastry team.

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              Does anyone know whatever happened to Christina's in the Mount shopping area near Raintree (Freehold). This would have been right up her alley.She did this stuff all the time.

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                I don't, but did once receive a basket from there that was great. I'd be interested to know if she's surfaced somewhere new.