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May 8, 2008 08:05 AM

Jaleo - which branch is best?

Has anyone notice the difference in the quality of food at various branches? I've only been to the one downtown and that was years ago.

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  1. I've always thought the food at Jaleo DC was better than Bethesda (haven't tried Crystal City), but even the last time I was downtown I felt the quality was slipping. That makes me sad since I used to consider Jaleo one of my favorite no-fail decently-priced restaurant options.

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    1. re: ainara

      I've always thought the D.C. branch was better as well, though I haven't eaten there lately. I am much closer to Bethesda and the meal I had there this spring was lackluster, but acceptable in quality. Have never been to any other branches.

    2. Definitely the DC branch... I go there quite often and while it's nothing amazing, out-of-town guests always enjoy the food and the atmosphere. I went to the Crystal City one a month back and it was really bad.

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      1. re: epicuriousgal

        Agreed...the Crystal City ambiance is just awful

      2. This is a hard question to answer, mostly due to the DC branch slipping in quality over the past couple of years. I often go to the Crystal City branch and it is inconsistent, but sometimes better than recent experiences at the DC branch.

          1. I agree with the quality slipping. Have you tried La Tasca? Clarendon or Old Town Alexandria?

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            1. re: Smiles2008

              La Tasca in Clarendon is okay, but I have never been very impressed. If you can, it is probably worth it to go to Jaleo.

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                La tasca.... Well I don't know but I cannot agree. Tried La Tasca and you are better of with a frozen meal!