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May 8, 2008 07:48 AM

Incredible Bay Ridge Sichuan restaurant

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  1. He took his sweet time getting around to this place. There's been a 55 post thread running since November of 2007.

    And a Daily New article from February 2008.

    A full review would have been nice too, especially since this is Brooklyn's only quality Szechuan restaurant.

    Well, I'm glad he finally noticed this place.

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    1. re: Bob Martinez

      I think the Bamboo Pavillion in Bensonhurst is pretty damn good Szechuan.

      1. re: Barry Strugatz

        That may be true but you're the only person on Chowhound who's ever posted about it.

        If I ever get over to Bensonhurst I'll check it out.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Actually I learned about Bamboo Pavillion (Pavilion) on Chowhound:

      2. re: Bob Martinez

        The reviewer writes:
        "Was Grand Sichuan House as good as they said, in a neighborhood that was, not so long ago, known for Norwegian lutefisk and smorrebrod?"

        She must be very behind on her "To Review" List if she's still referring to the long gone Norwegian influence.

      3. Seems like I remain the sole negative voice concerning this place: We didn't question the authenticity, just the quality. Perhaps we have to try again.

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        1. re: bobjbkln

          I love it, and order take out at least once a week (although I've never eaten in there). I seem to order the dan dan noodles and the dry sauteed string beans most often, because they are so good I can't break away from them. The wontons in red oil are also amazing. I also once ordered sour string beans, which were actually too spicy for me (which never happens). The Americanized dishes are good too-- my husband really liked General Tso's he got there recently.

          On a crappy Scezhuan (sp?) note, I recently ordered from the Scezhuan Garden in Cobble Hill when visiting my mom-- it was terrible. The dan dan noodles had no kick at all, the scallion pancake was crazy soggy, sauteed string beans were just sauteed in garlic and oil, no pork to be found, even the spring rolls were bad. Blech.

          1. re: IrinaD

            We've had excellent "real" dishes, but last week my wife was in the mood for Cantonese and had Chicken Chow Fun, and I decided to chance an "American" dish, Orange Flavored Chicken. The chow fun was top notch Cantonese, with real wok hei, though it seems a waste to go Sichuan and not take advantage of what they do best. Orange chicken was adequate, but no more. From now on, I stick to the real stuff.

        2. Maybe someone should tell Sietsema that Chongqing hasn't been a part of Sichuan for more than 10 years...

          1. Finally tried this place last night for my daughter's b-day dinner because we happened to be in bay ridge. thought the food was very good and we will definitely be back.

            we ordered the dan dan noodles (didn't get too many of those as my kids polished them off in about 5 seconds) the chengdu dumplings, sliced pork with garlic paste (it says "garlic pasta" on the menu, engendering a funny discussion with the waitress in which i kept asking about noodles and she kept looking confused. good dish, though) sauteed pea shoots with garlic, mapo tofu, and crispy shredded beef.

            everything was good. the pea shoots were excellent, as was the mapo tofu. the crispy beef was like little meat chips--very addictive, but i think next time i'll get it with hot pepper or with cumin. portions were large so we took a lot home. there were two large tables of chinese people when we arrived at 7 and a couple of more tables came in. brisk take out business.

            i've never been to little pepper or chengdu heaven, but i would put this one above the grand sichuan on st. marks and definitely above the one in chelsea (my least favorite one i've been to so far). not quite as good as spicy and tasty (if only some other place would make the addictive cold tofu with celery dish), but perhaps closer to me.

            anyway, just wanted to add to the chorus of voices happy that a place like this has finally arrived in brooklyn.