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May 8, 2008 07:48 AM

One Night in Seattle - Recs please!


We are popping up to Seattle for a night (2 whole days) and have time for two lunches and one dinner.

While we are going to do the obligatory tourist-y things (Pike Place, Space Needle etc etc) as this is the first time for us -- we'd love to know which restaurants/dishes the locals would recommend for lunch or dinner. That said, I would like to avoid typical cuisine that I can get at home (pizza, Chinese, Indian, Thai, whathaveyou) unless it is unnaturally good.

I assume the seafood is fresh and good, and would especially love any sort of pointers in that direction. We especially like shellfish. Any special/known dishes?

As far as price goes, I am not a big fan of the 5-star places (I find most, but not all, of such places way overrated, but do remain open-minded) --- would appreciate cheap or mid+ price ranges.

Any thoughts about the local wineries?

Bainbridge Vineyards
Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

Worth visiting or not so much?

Best espresso place?

Any and all tips are most appreciated. TIA.

PS I am already combing through the Chowhound archives, but would always like to know what is the latest and greatest in the local culinary scene, so please do not direct me to the archives.

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  1. Vlad... you're really gonna open up a flamewar with that "Best espresso place" question :-)
    You're going to have to try a few different places. Caffe Vita and Caffe Umbria are two that I like.

    You should check out the newly-opened Pike Place Fish Fry

    Pike Street Fish Fry
    925 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

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      not to create an esspresso war - but LLadro or Uptown espresso are very non-chain, local feel with good coffee. Multiple locations of each on Queen Anne and down town to meet your sight seeing needs.

      as you said, this board is swamped with similar requests, but my two cents based on your request - Matt's in the Market for dinner - not cheap, but not too $$, and very good, very local, won't disapoint. For lunch - Salumi if M-F for sure. If not, anywhere in the Marekt is good, Jack's fish in particular for casual bite. Crab pot, Anthony's and Elliots are on the waterfront. Note that they are not the best food in town, but both have amazing views and decent seafood. If you really like shellfish, see the post on best crab in the international district (chinatown).

      1. re: adamb0mb

        Thanks. Looks good. Is PSFF a sort of a fish gastro-pub?

        I don't get this though:

        "The single best bite at Fish Fry isn’t on the menu, though: It’s the battered-and-fried lemon slices that accompany every fish order. I wanted a sack of them to go."

        Do you eat or squeeze them????

        1. re: vlad

          Fish fry is It is even less than a gastro-pub - it is cafeteria/stand up style. really good fish. i only had a sample at the soft opening, but if a full serving holds up, this will be my go to for fish and chips. i think they are only open in evenings right now, as only open a few weeks.

          i think you eat the lemon, but i didn't get to try that. had something similar at a new orleans themed restuarant once - tasty!

      2. As far as wineries go, check out Most of the small boutique wineries are only open on Saturdays, but a few such as Novelty Hill/Januik are open week days. Ste Michelle is more the typical tourist winery experience. If you are here this Saturday, Northwest Totem Cellars is having a release party at the Hollywood Schoolhouse.

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        1. re: FoodDee

          Thanks, FoodDee. Any ones favored by the locals I should make sure to hit?

          Type of wine is unimportant if wine is good.

        2. I'll second Salumi and raise you Paseo (in Fremont - excellent Cubanish sandwiches) if you're looking to eat while standing up.