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May 8, 2008 07:25 AM

Chefs Tables - Recommendations?

Morning Hounds!

I am looking for recommendations for chefs tables in the Los Angeles area. I've scoured the boards and prepared a list of places that perform this service. There are a lot of choices, and I'd like to get some opinions on which of these we should try, or, if there is someplace else that we should try? The guest list will be myself and three others for my first wedding anniversary.

The List!

Jer Ne
Maison Akira
Il Grand
Cafe Pinot
Angelini Osteria
Bin 8945
Ocean Star


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  1. #1 Providence. My absolute fave. Amazing. They truly know how to treat you on a special occasion.

    My review of my Chef's Table experience this year!

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    1. re: Diana

      That is a ridiculous (in a good way) review of Providence's chef's table.

    2. Bin 8945 is closed and Opus no longer does tasting menus (does anyone know who the chef there is now?). I'd add Ortolan and Bastide to your list too.

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      1. re: hrhboo

        Although Ortolan has a terrific tasting menu, and I highly recommend it, there is no true "Chef's Table" as the kitchen is too tiny and crowded; however, they will serve a private dinner in the back room (past the bar, with the fireplace). I am not sure if there is a minimum for that room though. For Bastide, I am not sure how it is currently set up but it should be noted that there is a new chef in town there as Walter Manzke left last week. The new chef is Paul Shoemaker, who used to be chef de cuisine at Providence. That being said, I think Providence is the best bet for a chef's table.

        1. re: New Trial

          Out of all the places Plat du Jour listed above, I think only Providence has a chef's table. I've already made a reservation at Bastide next week to try out the new menu. Can't wait.

      2. Are you asking for a "Chef's Table" or just a prix-fixe meal or a tasting menu?

        If it's the former, I think the only places on your list that really offers a Chef's Table is probably Providence. Cafe Pinot does not have a Chef's Table, although Patina does.

        Grace has a private dining room, but I'm not so sure that constitutes a true "Chef's Table".

        As someone else mentioned, Bin 8945 is closed. Haskell has yet to open his new project.

        Ocean Star is a Chinese banquet joint -- ain't got what you would traditionally characterize as a Western chef's table. Banquet rooms and menus, yes. Chef's table? Niet.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Diana - I should have known what your reply would have been. I read your Life Day post a while back, which may, subconsciously be the reason why Providence was listed first.

          hrhboo - I've added your recommendations to the list. If I could, I would certainly edit the original post to remove the places out of business or no longer doing Chef's tables.

          ipsedixit - I am definitely looking for Chefs tables, not prix fixe or tasting menu, but rather the full experience. For our rehearsal dinner, we hosted our guests to the Chefs Table at the restaurant attached to the hotel we were staying at. We'd love to go back, but they are working a rather large banquet that night - thus the reason I am here begging ideas.

          Thanks to all for the input thus far!

          So far, the front runner seems to be Providence.

          1. re: Plat du jour

            How about Table One at Hotel Bel Air?

            1. re: priscilla2

              Table One would be an obvious choice except that the OP only has a party of four people.

              If I recall correctly, Table One's price is something like 150/person, with a 1200 minimum. Which essentially means you should plan on going with 7 other people, or otherwise if you go only with 4 people total you'll be paying 300/person ...