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Burger Joint in Bethesda

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I noticed this new "restaurant" near Houston's. Is it a sit down place or just take out? Has anyone eaten there yet? Thanks.

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  1. A take out. I heard they were so busy on their opening weekend they ran out of food a couple times. I love a good burger, but I think I will wait for the crowds to die down b4 trying.

    1. You order food at the counter, but there is a fair amount of both inside and outside seating, so you don't HAVE to take your food away.

      I went opening weekend, and it was busy, but not lines-out-the-door busy. A decent spot for a burger in the area, but so far, not worth driving across town.

      1. according to their website they age their own meat and grind it fresh daily, in house

        menu looks pretty good too with double cooked fries, onion rings, "thick" shakes, and beer

        i definitely want to check it out. maybe this weekend.


        1. Just went this week. They are very disorganized - maybe overwhelmed with the lunch crowd. The burger was good (better than five guys certainly), but the onion rings were not and the shake certainly wasn't "thick". might try it again later once they get their act together.

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            I had the same experience yesterday.It took them about 20 minutes to get me a burger and fries and they completely skipped over one poor couple's order. The bun was a little dry and the burger had a pre-fab toughness to it and the fries were tasteless and greasy. Overall I was unimpressed. The place by Chipotle in DT Bethesda does a better homestyle burger.

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              I called in my order, and it was ready in ten minutes. Of course, that was at 2:30. They are jammed at lunch.

          2. Got lunch there today (carry out). Excellent veggie burger and decent fries. Pricey though. Veggie burger $7.95, fries $2.95.

            1. I went last night. I had a really great burger and fries. The burger is great quality meat and the buns were fantastic. They have the buns delivered daily so they are really fresh- and someone behind the counter was slicing them fresh.

              The fries were outstanding. real thick cut belgian style fries. I thought they were fantastic.

              Go check it out- a great addition to bethesda.

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                I, too, went last night. I thought the place a bit overpriced (coke, fries and burger came to $13). The burger also seemed a little small, but it was very good. Certainly tasted fresh and of a good quality. The fries were absolutely fantastic. Big, fresh cut, and perfectly fried. Also, people working there seemed very nice.

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                  No doubt you can easily make a better bigger burger at home than at any burger joint
                  (Admittedly fries are another matter.)

                  1. re: foodcheck

                    May be, but add up quality ingredients and the service and it's probably a good deal. I haven't been yet, though I'm highly interested. But I just got done reading both Omnivore's Dilemma and Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, so I'm attentive to this.

                    "The Story" page of their site is pretty compelling (though I would wish they'd work with cattlemen closer in).

                    1. re: Dennis S

                      The quality was perfectly fine, but at that price point I probably will not be returning.

                      Also, it seemed they have 6 people working just at the front, it seemed way too many for a place where you walk up and order.

                      1. re: aaronsinger

                        i cant believe they dont have a chicken sandwich on the menu. it just seems ridiculous to me.

                2. After walking by a few times, I finally tried this place for lunch yesterday and it didn't disappoint. The burger had a fantastic chargrilled taste, the meat was nicely pink (though I may ask for more medium rare next tiime), and the fries are excellent - crispy outside, soft inside. The prices are high as mentioned above - $10.05 for their lunch special, which is a burger (plus extra for cheese), fries and soda and it looks like they're still working out service issues (it was about 20 minutes from walking in the door to getting my food), but I will be back.

                  1. Went yesterday and was very dissapointed and I doubt i will go back. If you want to go get an average burger for $8 be my guest. I was expecting alot more for the price. Clydes, Slades, Houston's and even 5 Guys have a much better burger. I would not recommend, nothing special!

                    1. We've been twice in the last 2 weeks. The burgers are really good - big, with good char broiled taste, pink in the middle, lots of cheese, fresh red tomato and lettuce, and a very tasty "secret sauce." The buns are good and lightly toasted. Everything very fresh. The chocolate milkshake is very thick, and delicious with serious chocolate flavor. The lemonade tastes fresh-sqeezed. The fries were good on one visit and mediocre the next. The sweet potato fries were just okay. The lines haven't been bad and the service is quick (both of our visits were on saturday afternoons), supplemented by a staff member walking among the tables, checking in with diners and offering refills. Overall, a very satisfying burger experience..

                      1. Just OK. I tried a plain burger ... if you get all that stuff on it, it is hard to evaluate the quality of the meat. It was juicy and cooked exactly as requested (medium rare) but totally without flavor. No char, either. Bun was the basic flavorless potato bun - with sesame seeds, so you'd better like seeded buns. Fries were fantastic - fresh, hot, really crisp. Free refills on the unsweetened iced tea and the lemonade. They are supposed to open at 11 on Sunday but we arrived a noon to find that they'd just unlocked the door and hadn't even turned on the grill yet. They were still taking the chairs off the tables. Really nice, friendly staff. Overall, not worth a special trip but fine if you are already in the area and already have a parking spot.

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                          I have already been to this place 4 times in 2 weeks because I love it!
                          I reccomend everything I have eateb; including the Greek burger (lamb, tziki, cucumber, feta cheese, tomato, lettuce), bacon cheeseburger, lobster "burger" (which is really big chunks of steamed lobster-room temperature- on a bun w/ tomato, lettuce), onion rings, sweet potato fries, regular fries. Yes, it is pricey, but the quality is excellent-including the fresh buns. The soda is behind the counter-but there are free refills. I found the service fine. I have been when it was empty and when it was packed. It is very busy on Thursday nights because of the nearby outdoor (small) concert on the plaza. I had a lengthy conversation with the owner, and he is very nice, and takes a lot of pride in the place. The original one (his, too) is in Las Vegas. Bobby Flay did a Food Network Showdown in Vegas w/ him for the Greek burger. I am not sure who won. There will be another showeown this summer-perhaps in the Behesda location?

                        2. I forgot to mention that it is the only "green" restaurant in all of Maryland...

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                            Well, maybe. They use throw-away cups made of corn starch. Yes, corn is renewable and oil (the basis of most plastic) is not, but the impact of corn-derived fuels and other products on our environment is also pretty drastic. I think that they are to be commended for trying. It is really hard to know what to do these days. You need an advanced degree in chemistry and materials life-cycle analysis, including the amount of energy and water needed to obtain (pump, grow) the raw material, produce the product, and the effects of the disposal of the material. And then compare all that to using regular dishes and cutlery that have to be washed, but that are re-used for a long time. Maybe it would be fairer to say it is the only "greener" restaurant in all of Maryland.

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                              And according to a recent newspaper report, the owners have trouble paying contractors

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                                Yes it referred to a previous restaurant-related business, but the owner was the same guy. Of course, that's not to say that a guy who cheats his electrician can't sell a good hamburger. I never eat them myself.

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                                  How does it compare with Z-Burger?

                          2. Went for the first time last night. Decor is all right, though personally, I didn't like the music, but my boyfriend did. We ordered a cheeseburger with the works, a bacon cheeseburger, fries, onion rings, and he got a beer. For a $5.50 plastic cup, it was not a good call on his part. The buns were nice, but too big for the thin patty, which at least was wide enough to cover the bun. I had a very sorry piece of tom from the end, red onion that seemed to be mostly skin, very tough and I could not bite through it. The fries were okay, but the onion rings were a disappointment. They looked beautiful, all golden brown and crusty, but they were dripping in grease and the inner half of the batter was unappetizingly undercooked. I should have returned it, because it was unnacceptable, but we were catching a movie and didn't have the time. I ended up peeling off half of the batter and trying to eat around the uncooked parts. Overall, it was a meh. Ridiculously expensive for what you get. Burger price is expected, but $5.00 for 5 half cooked onion rings? Bold move, but I guess people are more than willing to pay for it, because it was doing steady business while we were there. Next time, I'll stick to 5 Guys. Not the best burger I've had, but it's tasty, pretty cheap, and their fries are better and more generous, though their atmosphere leaves much to be desired.

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                              I'm not a fan of this place. Over thirteen dollars for a cheeseburger, fries and sixteen ounce plastic cup has a higher standard.