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May 8, 2008 06:56 AM

Burger Joint in Bethesda

I noticed this new "restaurant" near Houston's. Is it a sit down place or just take out? Has anyone eaten there yet? Thanks.

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  1. A take out. I heard they were so busy on their opening weekend they ran out of food a couple times. I love a good burger, but I think I will wait for the crowds to die down b4 trying.

    1. You order food at the counter, but there is a fair amount of both inside and outside seating, so you don't HAVE to take your food away.

      I went opening weekend, and it was busy, but not lines-out-the-door busy. A decent spot for a burger in the area, but so far, not worth driving across town.

      1. according to their website they age their own meat and grind it fresh daily, in house

        menu looks pretty good too with double cooked fries, onion rings, "thick" shakes, and beer

        i definitely want to check it out. maybe this weekend.

        1. Just went this week. They are very disorganized - maybe overwhelmed with the lunch crowd. The burger was good (better than five guys certainly), but the onion rings were not and the shake certainly wasn't "thick". might try it again later once they get their act together.

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            I had the same experience yesterday.It took them about 20 minutes to get me a burger and fries and they completely skipped over one poor couple's order. The bun was a little dry and the burger had a pre-fab toughness to it and the fries were tasteless and greasy. Overall I was unimpressed. The place by Chipotle in DT Bethesda does a better homestyle burger.

            1. re: Jay

              I called in my order, and it was ready in ten minutes. Of course, that was at 2:30. They are jammed at lunch.

          2. Got lunch there today (carry out). Excellent veggie burger and decent fries. Pricey though. Veggie burger $7.95, fries $2.95.