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May 8, 2008 06:41 AM

Polish Food in Chicopee, Ma.?

We are going to pick up our youngest from college this weekend. We will be staying in Chicopee. I know this is a hotbed of Polish cuisine, does anyone have any recommendations for good local ethnic food, Polish or other. Cheaper the better!

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  1. Not exactly a Restaurant, but if you like Pierogis, this is the place to get get them and take home.
    To my knowledge there are no Hotels in Chicopee proper, but in Chicopee Falls, especially on 'Memorial Drive' where on its southern end is " MacArthur's Ball",
    ( a Memorial to General Arthur MacArthur, father of General Douglas MacArther)
    Millie's is a stonethrow from there. See address on web site and google it:

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    1. re: Peter B Wolf

      Thank's, the son that is at Hampshire loves, pierogies. W/ 4 kids in college, we're at the finest lodging, Motel 6; don't for get to leave the light on. Any good little cafes in Chicopee? We've only eaten at the 50's-ish truck stop across the street from the motel.

      1. re: Passadumkeg

        There is a very nice polish restaurant right over the Chicopee border in Holyoke - Gramps Restaurant. Have eaten there twice and had the "Polish Platter" (pierogies, golumpki, kielbasa, mashed potato, Polish stew) both times- excellent. Only issue you may have is that they close at 3:00. Website is

    2. The Munich Haus in the center of town has great German food but it isn't a cheap place. I've also heard good things about Gramps. The Lucky Strike is a local place someone took me to once that was pretty good--glorified diner food, but real. If you're picking up things to take home, stop by Chicopee Provisions and get some kielbasa. You go into the factory and into a large walk-in where you select your packaged goodies. They make Blue Seal brand, which is pretty ubiquitous in this area, Go to Ludlow for Portuguese (Primavera is the best). If you're at the Hampshire campus, it's a short hop into South Hadley and the Tailgate picnic for lunch (Across the street from Mt Holyoke.) Enjoy.

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        Right next to Tailgate is Authentica where I get my fix of N Mex style green chile enchiladas and posole. I grew up on Blue Seal products, where is Chicopee Provisions?

      2. is Chicopee still the "home of the world's largest kielbasa'?

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        1. Try Collegian Court-
          It's right in the center of Chicopee, not the cheapest but good food. They have a Polish platter with all the favorites.You can also have a beer there to help ease the re-entry of a returning college student! : )

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          1. re: lonborgfan

            Go to a small pleasant spot called Sophia's Praises. It's actually in the old barn (shared with a bike shop) on the Bike Trail in Hadley between West and Middle Streets. Cheap & tasty golumbki, kielbasa, pierogis, etc. Ride your bike there. Eat. Ride the calories off.

            1. re: Big Fat Moe

              We were just at Sophia's today, while on a road trip through Vt, Mass, and NY. There's also a kids' ballet studio at the other end of the building; lots of fun to peak into as you enter.

              Sophia's a little, homey place; seems to be family-run. It's got maybe 3-4 tables, a hutch full of Polish pottery, Polish music in the background, and a short, simple menu with pretty much just what's listed above, plus something called "lazy pierogi." We took a kielbasa sandwich--good amont of slices of a lean kielbasa on rye with mustard--and pirogies to go. Pierogi choices are cheese and potato, cabbage, or sweet cheese. They fried our cheese and potato pierogis in butter and onions. I'm sure not a pierogi expert, but man they were good--the filling was tasty, and the dumplings were tender and not greasy. I'd definitely return if I were ever in the area for those, and for another kielbasa sandwich, also delicious. And for what she said were homemade pies and a cheesecake. And as long as I was there, what the hell--I'd get one of those golumbkies too.

              I chatted with the very friendy woman who waited on me, who said "Boy, you don't know anything, do you?!" when I asked her what a golumbki was, after having asked what a sweet cheese pirerogi was. Funny, not rude. I assume that was Sophia herself.

          2. Here's the street address for Sofia's to enter into the GPS.

            Sofia's Praises, Hadley
            8 Railroad Street, Hadley, MA 01035
            Does not take credit cards