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May 8, 2008 06:12 AM

Co Co Sala

Has anyone been to the new restaurant yet?

I'm going to Proof tomorrow night with my boyfriend (his first time, my 2nd) and I thought it might be fun to stop by Co Co Sala for dessert.

I'm certainly interested in seeing how they incorporate coffee and chocolate into their savory dishes but want to hold off until there are some more reviews before trying a full meal. But I am interested in hearing about their desserts....prices? what's good? Worth leaving Proof for dessert? (Never had dessert at Proof before).

Also if anyone knows where to find a menu please post it. There website doesn't have much info.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Do you know for a fact it opened? I work literally across the street and have yet to see signs of life!

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    1. re: katecm

      Oh really? I thought I skimmed through a review on Don Rockwell. But perhaps it was a special event or soft opening.

      1. re: Elyssa

        Or it just goes to show my state of mind when I'm walking to work each morning...

        1. re: katecm

          I think its only open for dinner (although I might be wrong) so perhaps that effects the signs of life in the morning :)

    2. Coco Sala is now open for dinner. I'm going with friends this week.
      Has anyone been yet? Any recommendations? Any chance there's a menu anywhere out there in cyberspace so we can preview?

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      1. re: KWynn

        Oooo please make sure to report back. I'm very curious as to what its like.

      2. Got a Daily Candy e-mail about it this morning:

        Sounds like it should be open now for dinner, but that's really based on the e-mail saying it is open, and not "will open on...". No menu information though unfortunately. Looking forward to stopping by sometime soon hopefully!

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        1. re: gyozagirl

          Yes, I got that too. According to pqliving ( they are definitely open.

          1. re: KWynn

            Thanks for posting that (haven't gotten a chance to catch up on the PQ blog today at work yet, hehe), the comments were a good way to find at least some of the menu items.

        2. The Washingtonian posted the menu here.
          But the prices aren't necessarily correct - the sliders were $7 each and I think the mac and cheese was too.
          You can also get just the "main dessert" from the tasting menus for $12.

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          1. re: cheesepowder

            Thanks for posting this article. This place looks great...lots of fun!

            1. re: Elyssa

              Agreed--looks like fun, although I'd prefer a few more savory items so that we could do some more dinner-y food and then share one of the dessert tastings...

          2. So a friend and I went to Co Co Sala on Wednesday night, a week after it opened. There were many positives about the place, but many negatives too.
            Let me start out by saying that both of us are foodies and live for chocolate. The food was very good. We ordered a number of the apps: blue cheese/mushroom burger slider and tamarind chicken patty slider, crab cake, and the class mac n' cheese. All were consistently good--not terribly innovative, but good. The desserts are fun---in fact, this is clearly more of a dessert bar than a restaurant, as there were not many other choices for "food" than the aforementioned items. Most of the deserts are categorized as a five course menu for $30. All five are desserts, including one cheese course. There a five categories: Indian, Italian, Aztec, childhood faves, and one other that I can not remember. We had the Aztec--a balance of sweet and spicy and all five courses were really good, especially the fiery chocolate souffle. We loved the dessert menu and thought that it was a very unique presentation.
            The decor was chic, trendy, and beautiful. The color schemes are warm chocolates and reds. It's a very loungy, NYC atmosphere.
            Alright now for the negatives. This place was VERY overpriced. And I am not cheap and will spend money for good food. But the sliders, for example, were $7 each! To give a comparison, this past wknd, my husband and I went to Vinoteca and I ordered a TRIO of sliders for $9.50 (and they were actually better). Also, the crab cake was probably the size of a gold ball...we are two petite girls and were still starving after ordering our 4 apps.
            Oh, and I hate to say it, but the service was horrendous. To be fair, I understand that they've only been open for a week, but OMG, it was a Wed night and not very busy. And I was a bartender and waitress all throughout grad school so I'm very empathetic and sympathetic towards them. Our waitress was very nice but we had to wait for over 20 min to get our drinks (both times we ordered). Turns out she forgot to both our drink order in (two separate times???) The manager felt so mad that we got free shots...which was obviously very nice (but honestly needed for business practice). We were clearly forgotten about b/c there was a bigger party next to us. We had to wait for silverware as well as water on numerous occasions. We were overcharged for drinks that we didn't order. Let's just say that we were there for nearly 3 hours b/c we were waiting for something half the time!
            All in all, pretty good place but will not be going back for a while, as I'll wait a couple of months until they iron out all the kink and maybe lower the prices and/or increase the portion size???