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May 8, 2008 06:05 AM

Any users/reviews of the Chigo 96 bottle wine cellar?

I see that Costco has a sale on the Chigo 96 bottle wine cellar (see link). Just wondering if anyone owns one or seen any online reviews? I'm thinking of getting one to put in my basement.


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  1. I bought one of these, not happy with it...can't set the correct temperature range needed (10-13C). Top is too hot, bottom too cold. Repeated emails with distributor (Eurodib) have not yielded any solutions. Looks like I'll have to return the unit. Not sure if this is a defect, or a general problem with this unit.

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    1. re: bitjockey

      I noted the exact same problem too. In fact, I've set the top to be 55F and it never drops below 60. It was a pain for me to lug it to my basement, there's no way I can return it either... looks like I'll have to keep it for now. At least it's like a cheap fridge for me now.

      1. re: bitjockey

        Same problem.. top never goes below 65, bottom seems to stay at 52. Somewhat noisy and it vibrates a bit. Piece of crap as far as I can tell.

        1. re: dombort

          I have the same problem and was thinking of replacing the thermostat but can not find a parts dealer. Any ideas?

        2. re: bitjockey

          Don't waste your money. Mine has broken twice and I can't get it serviced anymore. Going out with the trash. Serves me right for going for a cheap product made in China where there is no after sales service.

          1. re: ntdavis1

            ntdavis: two issues with your reply.

            1) OP dated 2008, your reply dated 2012. After 4 years, Costco no longer sells the product.

            2) Manufacturers in China build based on specs provided by their clients. If clients order high quality stuff, they get high quality. If they order cheapos, they get cheapos.