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May 8, 2008 06:01 AM

ramen question

I've read so many good reviews about Mutekiya Ramen however, all the photos look extremely oily. Can anyone confirm whether it is very oily and can you order the less oily version?

And could someone please help me with transport directions to get to Menya Kissou
(Koto-Ku, Tokyo, Japan)
麺屋 吉左右. I will be staying in ikebukuro.


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  1. Kissou is a few blocks from Kiba Station on the Tozai Line. Consult Hyperdia- http://www.hyperdia.com/cgi-english/h... ....You can always ask for less oil or a particular firmness of noodles at ramen shops.

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      Thanks all to your replies.

      Silverjay, how do i ask for less oily and firm noodles in japanese?

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        You can say something like "Sumimasen, abura tsukunai de, men ga chotto katame de, kudasai."

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          Thanks silverjay. Could you do a quick breakdown on that sentence.
          Does abura tsukunai de -> less oily?
          men ga chotto katame de -> firm?
          Is it possible to give it to me in japanese writing..... that way i can print it out and if they don't know what i'm saying i can just point. :D

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              thank you muchly

              Could you also give me the writing to "lean meat please".

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                Do they even offer 'lean meat' in ramen shops? I've never heard of it. Don't order the kakuni at Suzuran then, it's definitely not lean. It is phenomenally yummy though.

                My friend visiting two weeks ago scarfed his down and promptly replied, "I wish I had savored that more :("

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                  I agree. Tokyo restaurant kitchens tend to be small and not really set up for picky eaters - they prepare their dishes the way they prepare them. If you want lean chashu you can go to a shop that serves it that way.

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            While Silverjay's advice is fantastic as always, I'd just like to point out the typo. It's not "tsukunai" but "sukunai".

      2. Hey giraffez,

        Glad you're going to try out Menya Kissou (my current fave! :). I've found that Google Maps is decent at giving you directions. Enter your Start Address (Hotel) and the Menya Address - Copy&Paste the Kanji address for both - and then, for the destination portion, I actually Zoom In on Google Maps and print out a high-level from the exit Station to Menya Kissou, and then an ultra-zoomed in version to show the buildings and neighborhood at max detail. I have the address in my review if you don't have it:


        Keep the Kanji Address and Name with you on the print-out, and consult any local businesses if you still can't find it (people are generally always willing to help you out). It took me only ~5 minutes from the station (it's pretty close).

        I'll have to try Silverjay's Hyperdia app as well next time I go. Thanks Silverjay! :)

        1. Hi giraffez, yes the Mutekiya ramen is oily but I do not think it is overly oily, it is a strong favour tonkotsu soup base and it is really good in my opinion. The pork slice is thick and very tender at the same time ! We really enjoy it.

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            You can use www.diddlefinger.com with Japanese or English addresses, and they have re-labeled all the train stations/etc.. in English. It's very helpful.

            Also, www.jorudan.co.jp/english is what I like for train finding directions.