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May 8, 2008 05:54 AM

What's your Panago Experience?

Thinking of trying out Panago this weekend. Not looking for ultra gourmet chowhound frou frou, but I am looking for good quality and consistency. Is Panago worth my $25.00?

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  1. we went there last year..and loved it!!...worth it....well worth it.

    1. I think the stuff from their set menu is amazing (as in, the pizzas they name), but the "make your pizza" was not as good. We have never had a pizza from menu that wasn't good, and we've tried the veggie ones, the meat ones and the chicken ones (although never had the shrimp ones). Personally, I think it's the best take-out pizza you can get. If you need a recommedation on what to order, I've tried almost everything on the menu! We've even had their wings!

      1. I've only tried them once in Ontario but Panago(polous) was pretty much the default choice back home in BC. They're better than average for a chain pizza. Which ain't saying much, I realize.

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          Same here, my brother and I grew up on Panago in Vancouver (Granville and 67th?). Definitely better for the budget than Boston Pizza, and better for the tastebuds than our local chains.

          Can't remember specific combinations, but we always liked ones with a white sauce. And they're not skimpy with the toppings, if I recall.

        2. Definitely above the standard set by other chains like Pizza Pizza and Domino's. Tried the philly steak pizza and it was solid. I still prefer Bona pizza overall - but that's a mom n' pop operation.

          1. Hate to be a dittohead, but as others have said, Panago is great as far as chain pizza goes. I work a couple of blocks from the downtown location, and when I'm in the mood for pizza at lunch, I'd often get one of their personal pizzas. It's a few minute wait, but much fresher and tastier than a slice from all of the other usual suspects.