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Have not been there in about a year but loved it when I was last there. Do any of you have a recent review? Has it changed for better or worse??

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  1. Its still amazing. Was there a few weeks ago.

    1. how is lunch at telepan? (the 2 courses for 22) i see that the menu is limited.

      1. We were there on Wednesday night. The service was top-notch even though it was very busy. The amuse consisted of 3 things: a crostini with an excellent version of hummous (definitely not Sabra), a full flavored carrot soup in a tiny mug, and a fresh gougere. My husband and I experienced a layering of flavors in both appetizers and mains that went from "this works well" to "Wow!" My dessert was a buttermilk panacotta with a rhubarb syrup that was nicely balanced between sweet and tart. They asked if we had a curtain, which we did at 7:30, and the response was "we'll get you on your way by 7:10". They did (we had a very early res) with time to spare, which is good because my husband can't walk too fast.
        It was a lovely dinner and we'll be back. It is a wonderful alternative in the Lincoln Center area to the coldness of Bar Boulud, the decibel level at Fiorello's, and the "it has seen better days" Josephina's. And...if you don't get dessert at Telepan, the Magnolia Bakery has opened a branch (basically) across the street on the NW corner of 69/Broadway.
        Go and enjoy!

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          ive only been there 2x but had excellent experiences at both. bill's lamb dishes are excellent...as was the trout blini. i should go again soon actually.

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            My past experiences at Telepan had been nothing but pleasant. However, I haven't been there so I hope there isn't a decline in their food quality and service.

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              There's no decline at all...a number of people on this board seem to dislike Telepan, but it's my standby for the area. The food, service and ambience all work for me.
              I'd say if you liked it before, you will still like it.

        2. Telepan is mediocre or worse! Just got back from a lunch where only one of four people liked their meal. Service is just ok. The veg-bread soup is greasy salty chicken broth with some diced potatoes and fava beans. The pea carbonara was tiny for a main course and the poached egg on top sounded great but didn't work with the not hot enough butter-cheese sauce. Heavy and greasy. The salads were marred with an odd taste in the salad dressing. The peanut butter chocolate dessert - my two favorite flavors - was dull. And we had called ahead and asked if a vegan could eat there - we were told that that was not a problem. When we arrived, our waiter could not find any vegan dishes and no egg-free pasta. The kitchen made something nice but were not as accomodating as we had been led to believe. The good dishes: the cheese mezaluna; the chick cesaear salad; and rhubarb sorbet.

          Honestly, we weren't looking for gourmet food, just a nice meal. I'd never go back.

          1. I agree with dpastor. The food is not great, some of it is greasy to the point of being off putting, and mostly, it is just dull. I do not think the food is awful, but for this price point, I expect to see food that is more inspired and flavorful. I also had the peanut butter chocolate dessert and did not like it.

            1. I agree David W. It is still very good. If you liked it before, you will like it now.

              The only thing I didn't like recently was strawberry profiteroles (the texture of the ice cream was not creamy), which don't appear to be on the menu anymore.

              1. I've been a several times and have found that sometimes the food is really terrific, and other times the dishes just fall a bit short. I most recently went on the second night of passover and had their passover pre-fix, and it was truly great. Everything was perfectly cooked, nothing disappointed. They had a special of bay scallops in a sweet wine wine sauce (not on the passover menu obviously) that was very very good. The one negative thing is that the service is consistently slow.

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                  We go before events at Lincoln Center...I make them aware of our timeframe and have never had a problem with the pacing of the meal.

                2. I have been to Telepan recently for dinner and brunch. Have had wonderful meals and excellent service.

                  1. I was only there once for brunch, so perhaps dinner is better, but the food was mediocre and the service inattentive.

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                      nothing but excellent describes each and every visit to telepan for me.

                    2. Does anyone have a recent update? I am thinking of taking a group of friends there this weekend.

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                        I've always been an advocate of Telepan (check my prior posts:)), and will continue to say that it is excellent. I was there a few weeks ago and had great service and food. Brought a few friends from out-of-town and they really loved it too. Big kudos from me.

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                          Thanks. We just went to Compass on Friday night, actually, since I did not want to risk it with friends who do not come to the City very often and my previous experience at Telepan was not great. I will probably go by myself, again. What do you recommend?

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                            For apps, I'm a fan of the brook trout and the sashimi. Midcourses I like nearly everything, but particularly a fan of the tortelloni, dumplings, pierogis. On the mains I love the chicken dishes (just great "old standbys"), pork and any fish. The steak I will admit can be hit or miss, I'm not the biggest fan of the current menu item for that...

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                              Thank you for these suggestions. I will take them into account next time I go.

                      2. Recently had an excellent lunch there with two others who would agree.