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May 8, 2008 05:27 AM

Breakfast sausage

Does anyone know where I can buy the larger, thicker version of breakfast sausages?
I just came back from New York and the breakfast joints serve a sausage that runs in size between the ones served here and an Italian sausage.

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  1. What size are the ones served here? I've been served sausages of varying sizes.

    IMO the best breakfast sausages and sausages in general are the handmade ones from the Smokehouse in Norwell.

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    1. re: C. Hamster

      I usually get served (or buy at the local supermarket), the skinny sausages. I'm looking for the "fatties"!

      1. re: janzy

        I believe Jones also sells their breakfast sausages in what they call a "hearty link" size, which is about twice the size of the regular ones.

        But then, I'm from Texas, so I think link breakfast sausage is weird anyhow. I'm a patty man.

      2. Whole Foods has a very good Irish banger, but I'd say it's similar in size to an Italian sausage.

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        1. re: jonship

          I ate irish bangers just once, and to me they tasted like American hot dogs.

        2. Well, the best are from Edwards in Virginia. You can usually find one or two packages in the freezer case of Formaggio Kitchen (Huron Ave location).

          1. I've been getting turkey sausage at a local turkey farm in Methuen (Raymond's) and I originally bought them as a dinner sausage but have been using them for breakfast on the weekends all winter. Sized about the way you described. Sometimes they have a nice zesty kick to them.

            1. As a member of Stillman's meat CSA, I was pleasantly surprised to find what I think you're looking for in my last share. Maybe someone else here can chime in as to whether Stillman's has them at the farmer's market?

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              1. re: po_boy

                Unless Aidan has significantly upped his production this year, Stillmans almost never has meat of any kind at their farmer's market locations, and what there is is gone in minutes.

                1. re: po_boy

                  You got sausage in your share????

                  And to stay on point, I haven't seen husky breakfast sausage in the markets. When I have breakfast sausage cravings, I buy bulk sausage from Harringtons and make up some patties.

                  1. re: smtucker

                    Yeah, they were doing some lamb sausage last year. We never got any ourselves, but we heard it was awesome.

                    1. re: smtucker

                      Yup, and it was damn tasty... sorry you did get any. I've had sausage before in Sept & Nov but this was the first time I got Breakfast Sausage.

                      Aiden mentioned that they had some neighbors help putting the shares together, so maybe you can blame them : )

                      Breakfast for dinner again tonight!