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May 8, 2008 05:09 AM

Trippa alla Fiorentina (and other tripe dishes)

my dad loves it. his favorite comfort food is flacki (is that spelled right?)

where would you say the best trippa alla fiorentina is found? how about other tripe dishes?


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  1. Babbo and Lupa both have excellent tripe, but it's Romana, not Fiorentina. Crispo had an equally good one as a special, but I have not seen it there again. I love tripe but have not found many restaurants that serve it.

    1. The best flaczki I've had was in Greenpoint. The Polish places on 2nd Avenue don't come close. But when it comes to best tripe dishes all around, I'm in love with the spicy tongue and tripe dish at Grand Sichuan. For a comforting tripe soup like flaczki, the Domincan mondongo at Castillo de Jagua filled with vegetables and stronger seasonings is a bit more satisfying for me than flaczki.

      1. Hi thew,

        Peasant serves trippa alla fiorentina (yup you spelled it right), and it was delicious for me, though I couldn't tell if it was authentic.

        I second rrems's suggestions on the tripe at Babbo and Lupa. A Voce also has a Tuscan country style tripe dish with fried duck egg~

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          I don't think I have had Fiorentina. How was it prepared at Peasant, or how did it differ from Babbo and Lupa?

        2. Are there any Greek restaurants that makes Patsa? it was a'hangover' over food in Greece, a boiled tripe dish!

          1. The best tripe Ihave ever had (and I love tripe) was the stewed tripe at Al Di La in Brooklyn.- slow cooked, garlicky and irresistible. If you've never been to Al Di La it has some of the best Italian (Venetian) food in the city.I too, love the tripe at Babbo- but it's entirely different - fried and crispy.

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              Mmmm Al di La. They do everything right.

              Tulcingo del Valle in Hell's Kitchen does a hearty tripe soup that really hits the spot after a late night out.