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May 8, 2008 04:16 AM

Anyone eaten at Stark's Steakhouse?

It s in Santa Rosa. I m going to be in town for 2 weeks and wanted to explore cuisine outside the city. Starks looks like they have some great toppers, sauces and sides.(marrow and popcorn sweetbreads, awesome!!!!) Anyone tried it??????

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  1. Outside the city? Are you speaking of San Francisco or Santa Rosa? Stark's is a street off of old town Santa Rosa. I have been there three times. Clubby steak house atmosphere. Very good steaks with usual and unsual sides and toppers. Also a quite good selection of non steak choices. Very expensive, wine list on the very high side. Check out SF Chronicles reviews of a week ago. Michael Bauer reviewed.

    1. We ate there for an anniversary, and it was awesome. The steaks, sauces and sides were everything we had hoped they'd be. Someone had compared it to Ruth's Chris Steak House, one of my all time favorites, and after eating at Stark's, I agree. Of course, the prices are up there too.

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        I think these are the first reports we've had here.

        Stark's has dry-aged beef, so in that important respect it's not like Ruth's Chris and the other national chains.

        Stark's Steakhouse
        521 Adams Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401