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May 8, 2008 03:17 AM

[London] Sloane Square?

I will be in Sloane Square next Tuesday and wondered if anyone can suggest somewhere good to eat in the evening?

We're not looking for anything too stuffy, but formal is fine. No price limit, and we like Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Vietnamese, Italian, fish / seafood, etc - but we aren't overly fussy.

I'll do a bit of browsing of my own but would appreciate any personal recommendations you can offer.

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  1. The Royal Court's cafe is halfway decent for informal light eating. A short walk away is Hunan, on Pimlico Road, and the wonderful Rousillon in St Barnabas St is most definitely worth the (very slightly longer) walk.

    1. Agree with Spikey about both Hunan and Rousillon. Also good is Caraffini on Lower Sloane St. I was in Salloos in Kinnerton St recently and the curries remain superb (a 15 minute walk/£5 in a taxi, which would actually give you plenty of other good options).

      1. Le Cercle on Wibraham Place is 5 mins walk from Sloane Square and serves beautiful french style tapas dishes (what used to be called nouvelle cusine, but now seem to have been rebranded 'small plates'!).

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          "(what used to be called nouvelle cusine......"

          Or, as used to be called in this household, "small food on very big plates"