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May 8, 2008 12:17 AM

La Ferrandaise, Le Timbre or Maison du Jardin?

Which of these would you recommend for a Monday night in Paris? Has anyone dined at them recently?

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  1. Ate at Le Timbre last week and was really impressed with the food!
    Very small and tight space but the wait staff (of one) and the chef (a Brit) really turned on the charm.
    Not sure if they are open on Monday, but defintely worth the trip.
    Pigs head pan fried on a mustard vinaigrette to start was beatiful for the way this dish was prepared and presented. Not too heavy on the palate.
    Wife was less impressed with her starter of asparagus (don't remember the preparation).
    Will post the rest of the review later but I would have gone again if we had an open night.

    1. If it is open Timbre is wonderful.

      Highly recommend Quedubon in the 19th. Open Mon-Sat noon and nite. Seriously good food and dirt cheap by Paris standards. 22 rue du Plateau