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May 7, 2008 11:55 PM

Spruce Beer!

For those of you living here in Toronto who are transplanted Quebecois/Montrealers, I have found a place to buy that delicious (non-alcoholic version) drink known to many of us as spruce beer! It turns out Marco Breuvages, a craft brewer, ships some of their tasty beverages to Provincial Fine Foods, 3467 Yonge St, North of Lawrence. I'm in heaven!

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  1. Is that like the Retsina of beers?

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    1. Oh man, a bottle of spruce beer and a couple of steamies would really take me back. Thanks for the tip.

      1. Thanks for this info.

        1. from Lachine quebec and miss my spruce beer..brown bag of 'chips' with vinegar..cherry blossom and yes steamies...wonder if they can ship spruce beer to upper/lower michigan

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            Provincial fine foods went under a few years ago. Sorry you'll need to find another source!

          2. I posted about that place years ago, sadly they don't have echire butter anymore I feel so sad. They were next to Cumbrae's on church gone now I think.

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            1. re: TheDewster

              Is there any place to buy Spruce Beer in or near Toronto in 2015?