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May 7, 2008 10:28 PM

Best burger in Santa Cruz County? I have to say Carpos!

Hello folks,

Please welcome a new contributor, myself, Thomas of Soquel, California.

A lover of food with fairly low-brow tastes.

Back on topic, having tried a lot of the burger places in Santa Cruz County, I would have to nominate "Carpo's" as the best.

A medium-rare Carpo-Burger is juicy and tender, with grill marks and charcoal-like flavor.

I get them with cheddar cheese and grilled onions, but as a low carb person I forgo the large, tough baguette style bun.

I put a layer of sliced salted and peppered tomatoes under the burger, a pile of sour pickles on the side, and a mayo, ketchup and mustard blend on top. (They have a condiment bar where you can pile all this stuff on.)

Eaten with a knife and fork, due to the lack of bun (and apologies to the burger purists!) it's the best burger I've had in Santa Cruz!

- Thomas

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  1. I like Carpo's burgers too. I normally get the regular size burger. When I do get the "Carpo Burger," I have them put it on the regular bun or eat it with no bread at all. I'm not a fan of that tough baguette either.

    Have you tried the burgers at Bleu Spoon?

    Thanks for posting. I'm someone who should eat low-carb, so I'd be interested in reading about any other low carb meals you eat around town.

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    1. re: Matt of Aptos

      Hi Matt,

      I've enjoyed your posts, by the way, they inspired me to sign up! We need more Central Coast food info! ^L^

      I have not tried the Blue Spoon, although my friends Bill and Sue (of Aptos) said they like it a lot. I think they told me recently that the owner is going to close it and open an Indian restaurant, but this was after a few glasses of wine and may have misunderstood! *L*

      I stopped by the Betty's Burger place on Seabright, but I saw a couple of very dry looking burgers being served and just left! ^L^

      I also go to Golden Buddha a lot, I get the sate beef appetizer (I LOVE don-don sauce! Sometimes I even get - shhhh - don-don noodles!!! @L@) and then a "meaty" entre like Kung Pao <insert meat> or my favorite Ma Po Tofu (Red Dragon) made "Super spicy" with chili paste!

      More reviews to come!

      - Thomas